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Thursday, January 24th, 2019

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New York


A Celebration of Bronx Hustle and Talent Coming to Port Morris

Artist rendering of Union Crossing VX, the Port Morris site of a celebration of Bronx hustle and talent. on January 26. (unioncrossingbronx.com)

by Gary Axelbank

January 11, 2019

A unique and exciting concept of Bronx music, art, and performance will be coming to the newly-renovated Union Crossing VX building at 825 East 141st Street in Port Morris on January 26 from 12noon-8:00pm.

The ‘celebration of Bronx hustle and talent’ is the brainchild of Round Seven‘s Marco Shalma whose goal is to develop something that mirrors the spirit of the people of the Bronx.

“The idea is to create something like South by Southwest (a well-known festival of Texas culture), but dedicate it to the Bronx, especially up and comers,” he told thisistheBronX. “That’s where that’s we thrive, the entrepreneurial spirit that represents this borough.”

Emblematic of that spirit, Shlama says, is the Bronx Brewery, the lead sponsor whose everyday hustle will be featured in the January 26 event.

“The never-ending hustle and drive of the people in this borough move the worlds of art, music, food, and beer forward, said Nick Mezansky of the Bronx Brewery. “By sponsoring It’s The Bronx and partnering with Round Seven, we are proud that we’re helping fuel a platform for creativity that will help not just shape Bronx-culture but will inevitably trickle into NYC-culture over time.” 

When he began to do the outreach to draw the Bronx creative community to the event, which is called It’s the Bronx, Shalma says they received more than 200 applications. They’ve paired it down to two dozen musicians and two dozen artists who will present their talents through the fun-filled eight-hour event.

Coming off the widely popular and successful Bronx Night Market, which Round Seven presented on Fordham Plaza several times through the summer, Shalma says they received a thousand RSVP’s, ‘selling out’ the free It’s the Bronx day-long event. But there could still be room for attendees as there is an active waitlist and Shalma says a lot of those tickets will be opened up and circulated as the event nears.

Artist’s rendering of the interior of Union Crossing (https://www.unioncrossingbronx.com)

The historic Union Crossing building will also be a point of interest during the event. Originally built as a major baking facility for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, the building was purchased by the Union Standard Equipment Company and became the world’s largest warehouse and rebuilding facility for food processing and packaging equipment.

In a statement, a representative of the developer said, “Union Crossing is pleased to host It’s the Bronx, providing a venue to showcase and celebrate the incredible energy and entrepreneurial spirit of New York City’s northernmost borough. We look forward to welcoming neighbors and tastemakers from the Bronx and beyond to our newly renovated commercial building to enjoy some of the Bronx’s best music, art, and food.”

Artist’s rendering of the rooftop of Union Crossing (https://www.unioncrossingbronx.com)

Today, it’s been developed as a mixed-use center of commercial activity that offers flexible office and studio spaces and retail amenities to the growing creative community of Port Morris.

This is one reason why Shalma and a bevy of media partners and sponsors, including the Bronx Native and thisistheBronX will be lending support.

“This is something that is going to be dedicated to Bronx media tech entrepreneurs, a cultural hub and partnership,” Shalma said.

Get on the waitlist for free tickets for It’s the Bronx

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