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Monday, March 25th, 2019

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BRAC Seeks Innovators for Starlight Park Project

The Bronx’s answer to Coney Island, Starlight Park had a giant swimming pool, sandy “beach,” a picnic grove, roller coaster, and a 15,000-seat stadium that hosted the circus, soccer matches, and other events. c 1921/BRAC

by Madelyn Torres and Gary Axelbank

May 15, 2018


This summer the Bronx River Arts Center (BRAC) is reenacting the fascinating, but little-known history of Starlight Park in West Farms that was an Exposition Fair in 1918 , more specifically the Bronx International Exposition of Science, Arts, and Industries.

But there’s a missing piece and that’s where you can come in. As part of their celebration, which will be on Saturday June 30 and Sunday, July 1, BRAC invites anyone  in the artistic, technological, and environmental fields to submit applications for consideration to participate in the unique renactment of the past, but with a futurist twist.

“Whereas in 1918 it was mechanical technology,” said BRAC Executive Director Gail Nathan, “we are changing this to 21st century industry technology and encouraging young professionals of the Bronx to participate.”

Entrepreneurs in industries that are thought of as highly creative inventive and innovative, including alternate energies, architecture, crafts, design, film, photography, IT music, performing and visiual arts, science, and tehnology are encouraged to apply.

North End of Starlight Park, 2017 (Photo: Laura James)

In their promtional materials, BRAC says to view it as a ‘blank canvas’.  What should be in a modern day science, art, and industrial exposition?

Appropriately the 2018 version of the fair will be located in the northern part of the park, where a century ago, there was a similar, albiet more rudimentary, exhibition.

BRAC wants to promote this valuable, yet hardly-used park and encourage Bronx natives in the arts and sciences to participate to not only boost the awareness of the park, but also help stimulate the Bronx’ entrepreneurial economy.

Submit your application to opencall@bronxriverart.org with a subject line of “Enprepreneur” by Tuesday, May 24th at 5pm.  In your email, include your website’s URL, and up to five images (jpeg only, max 2MB) or a link to a video of your project.

For an application or more information visit www.BronxRiverArt.org.

Note:  Bronx-based businesses are encouraged to apply.



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1 thought on “BRAC Seeks Innovators for Starlight Park Project”

  1. WOW!!!! A far cry of what that area looks like today.. My God, those people would be horrified to see what the area looks like now.. so sad.. I don’t care how much “revitalization” you do… it will never be what it once was… Sad..

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