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Friday, February 15th, 2019

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New York


The Bronx Chamber of Commerce and thisistheBronX Agree on a Partnership!

Bronx Businesses to Benefit

The Bronx Chamber of Commerce has announced a partnership with thisistheBronX, the borough’s ‘everything Bronx’ web portal. The agreement is specifically designed to help Bronx businesses grow with discounted advertising and additional funding for Chamber activities.

“I’m really excited,” Bronx Chamber President and CEO Nunzio Del Greco said. “There’s a tremendous renaissance in the Bronx and the Bronx Chamber of Commerce is in a great growth mode. It’s going to be a great partnership,” he said.

Referring to thisistheBronX publisher Gary Axelbank, he added, “Let’s face it, with a guy like Gary, he’s Mr. Bronx and this is the Bronx!”

“This is the kind of win, win, win partnership that helps build strong businesses and strong communities,” Mr. Axelbank said. “Nunzio and I are on the same page. We want to see every Bronx business be successful and by working together, we have the best chance to do that.”

Bronx Chamber President and CEO Nunzio Del Greco (left) and thisistheBronX Publisher Gary Axelbank agree on a partnership to build Bronx businesses. (photo Christpher Gray)


Established in May, 2017, thisistheBronx (TTBX) is the borough’s fastest-growing new media. In addition to its many features, the attractive TTBX website contains banner and display ads to provide the kind of digital exposure for businesses never available before in the Bronx.

Also, TTBX publishes thisistheBronX TODAY, a daily email newsletter sent to thousands that also provides an incredible vehicle for advertisers because those receiving the newsletter have an obvious interest in what’s happening in the Bronx.

thisistheBronX TODAY gives advertisers a range of exposure possibilities,” Axelbank said. “There’s space for traditional banner ads, but they can do informative, custom-made advertorials and also get their events and special features highlighted. These are one-of-a-kind business-building opportunities.”

As for the Bronx Chamber, membership is growing and their influence is developing daily.

“Right now we are playing an active, significant role in the economic development of the borough, and we have formed many initiatives and partnerships that have made immeasurable strides in the crucial fields of education, employment, and health,” Mr. Del Greco said. “This partnership with thisistheBronX underscores that. It’s about working together and using resources and collaboration between our members.”


The Bronx Chamber of Commerce is one of the most influential, professional andsuccessful organizations and voice for over 30,000 businesses in Bronx County. Professionals and companies are drawn to the successful companies and active members affiliated with The Bronx Chamber of Commerce. Membership includes businesses ranging from large corporations, Cultural Institutions, Universities and Colleges, Hospitals and Medical Centers, non-profits, and mid-sized to small companies. For more information on Bronx Chamber membership or upcoming events call (718) 828-3900; email:Nunzio@BronxChamber.org or visit: www.BronxChamber.org.


thisistheBronX.info is the ‘everything Bronx’ web portal designed for residents of the Bronx and anyone who has interest in the Bronx. It’s being pioneered by TV personality Gary Axelbank. This one-stop place for everything in the Bronx has easy-to-find Bronx news feeds, a Bronx events calendar, and databases of vital Bronx information. thisistheBronX TODAY is a daily email newsletter containing Bronx news and events thisistheBronX at NOON features original daily video clips, thisistheBronX VIDEO SATURDAY features the best videos of the week thisistheBronX MAGAZNE SUNDAY features the Bronx’ best original writing thisistheBronX.info is also a boon to Bronx businesses, large and small, providing a level of exposure that has never been available before.  Click here for a free subscription to thisistheBronX TODAY. To advertise send an email: gary@thisistheBronx.info or call 917-576-0341.




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ABOUT thisistheBronX

Launched on May 17, 2017, thisistheBronX.info is the’everything Bronx’ web portal designed for residents of the Bronx and anyone
who has interest in the Bronx.This one-stop place for everything Bronx is being pioneered by TV personality, Gary Axelbank. On this
interactive site visitors can upload events to appear on the events calendar, post their favorite Bronx photos, pictures of their latest
artwork, and get their favorite business, group, or organization a free listing by sending an email to info@thisisthebronx.info.

thisisthebronX also serves as an outlet to Bronx businesses by giving light to large and small businesses to provide a level of exposure
that has never been available before.

Every 24-hours, the site provides fresh content with links to Bronx news feeds, a Bronx events calendar, and a range of directories.
Access to the latest Bronx information has been made easier with a daily newsletter, thisistheBronX TODAY.

To receive thisistheBronX TODAY, submit your email here: http://www.thisisthebronx.info/newsletter/

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