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Friday, July 19th, 2019

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New York


City Island Viacommunity Day, 2019 – (Exclusive video) Oyster Reef Project Launched, Island Beautified

City Island diver extraordinaire Mike Carew (L) and Maria Caruso of City Island Drift congratulate each other on the launch of the Oyster Reef project aboard the ‘Moontide’. Denis Mellett from Coastal Steward looks on. (photo: Ron Terner Photography)

by Gary Axelbank

May 13, 2019

Thanks in part to Friday’s rain that held up till everything was done, City Island Viacommunity Day, 2019 was a smashing success. Forty Viacom and 30 local volunteers did what they set out to do: beautify the island and launch the City Island Oyster Reef Project.

Exclusive video of the launching of the City Island Oyster Reef Project

The Oyster Reef Project was launched by City Island Drift with three different boats circling the island giving volunteers a chance to strategically place bags of dried out shells into the Long Island Sound. Those will serve as the foundation for the ‘Pearl Pathway’, a natural protective reef from New Rochelle around the outsides of City Island and down to Edgewater and Throggs Neck.

Under the direction of the Garden Club, volunteers beautify tree beds along City Island Avenue
(Ron Terner Photography)

Also, visitors will right away notice lovely new tree beds and other plantings (like in front of the City Island Post Office) that were planted by the Garden Club and Viacommunity Day volunteers. They’ll also see an abandoned storefront painted on the Avenue near Fordham Street, and many new weather-proof posters of some of the ships that have been built on City Island.

Volunteers hang posters of City Island’s nautical history on City Island Avenue
(Ron Terner Photography)

Viacommunity Day is media giant Viacom’s annual way of supporting local communities. For the second year in a row, it has energized a spirit of renewal of City Island’s nautical history and sense of community pride.

Painting an abandoned storefront on City Island Avenue (Ron Terner Photography)

Here are some fantastic photos by Ron Terner of Focal Point Gallery that illustrate the extraordinary day of achievement.

Note: thisistheBronX will present the official video chronicle of City Island Viacommunity Day, 2019 later this week.

Volunteers form an assembly line at the Consolidated Marina to get oyster shells from the restaurants to the boats
(Ron Terner Photography)
Bringing the oyster shells to the boats (Ron Terner Photography)
City Island’s Maria Caruso and Tom Hicks of Viacom empty bags of oyster shells into LI Sound to get the oyster reef project started
(Ron Terner Photography)
Celebrating the launch of the City Island Oyster Reef Project (Ron Terner Photography)
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1 thought on “City Island Viacommunity Day, 2019 – (Exclusive video) Oyster Reef Project Launched, Island Beautified”

  1. I loved the oyster project. We need to let our children know how important it is to save our long Island sound. I Live in Edgewater and help run the children garden.

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