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Monday, March 25th, 2019

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Countdown to ‘Viacommunity Day’: City Island Volunteers Needed

A March 14 planning meeting by the committee that’s organizing the April 20 Viacommunity Day on City Island (photo: Gary Axelbank)

by Gary Axelbank

(Additional information provided by Barbara Dolensek)

A quick look at the calendar told planners on City Island that it was time for volunteers to start signing up for the April 20 Viacommunity Day that promises to remake downtown City Island (DOCI) with its nautical heritage.

The committee has been meeting regularly since the concept was first introduced in November to identify projects that Viacom employees and City Island residents will collaborate on to help celebrate and restore the quaint island’s nautical character for visitors and residents alike.

Nevins Shipyard – photo of the shipyard that built many famous yachts and military vessels. Closed in 1962; PS 175 built on this site. (City Island Nautical Museum)

Empty storefronts will be enhanced by enlarged images of historic City Island yachts, yacht builders, and sail makers and plantings and other fixups will improve the appearance of empty spaces on DOCI that now attract weeds and rubbish.

Annually Viacom employees sign up to volunteer at different venues throughout the country. The program, called Viacommunity, has a simple mission: to better the communities which Viacom serves and to make a positive social impact on the people through education, health and wellness, environment and citizenship. For the first time, on Friday, April 20, Viacommunity Day will come to the Bronx.

Because a Viacommunity Day project must be sponsored by a local charitable organization, the City Island Historical Society, which administers the Nautical Museum, is providing the historical images and informational materials.

Maria Caruso (R), who is chairing the City Isaldn Viacommunity Day Committee and Laurie Vega, an Island resident who works at Viacom (photo: Gary Axelbank)

Maria Caruso, who is a member of Community Board 10, is serving as head of the committee that’s leading the effort to organize the event, is coordinating the volunteers to work with local businesses, prepare materials, clean the Avenue and arrange the events that will take place during the day. 

“All the property owners are interested in making the downtown, store-front section of City Island more attractive,” she recently told City Island’s Current.

Now that the projects have been approved, the committee is working with Viacom to  coordinate the tasks for their volunteers and to invite everyone in the City Island community to help out as well.

To volunteer and for more information about Viacommunity Day on City Island, please send an e-mail to mrcaruso@gmail.com or call 917-797-4524.

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