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Diabetes Relief Center Patient: There’s a Miracle Working Here

Patirica Greaves and husband Luis Rodriquez during treatment at the Diabetes Relief Center (photo: Gary Axelbank)

An on-going series to track progress of patients at the Diabetes Relief Center that opened in the fall in the south Bronx.  It’s located at 2825 Third Avenue and 148th Street.


by Gary Axelbank

March 3, 2018
Diabetes Relief Center (photo: Gary Axelbank)

Diabetes patients who have been receiving the micro-bursts of insulin that are the core of the Trina Treatment at the Diabetes Relief Center (DRC) are showing impressive positive results.





Patricia Greaves (photo: Gary Axelbank)

Since she began treatments at the DRC, her chronic listlessness has morphed into motivation and energy and the tingling in her hands and legs is now gone.  So Patricia Greaves has concluded, “There’s a miracle working here.”

Greaves, a nurses aid from Jackson Heights who is in her third month of treatments at the DRC, has significant family history with Diabetes.  Her mother and brother have it.  Her grandmother died from it.  She too, was debilitated from the disease, suffering many sleepless nights for almost seven years.  But, things changed, she says, as soon as her second treatment at the DRC.

“I’m not shut down like I used to shut down,” she said.  “The treatment is working. They hook me to the machine and take my blood sugar and then they give me the treatment based on the numbers. I only have good readings now.”

Those readings are monitored not only by DRC staff, but by Luis Rodriquez, her husband of one year who dutifully accompnies her to each treatment.  It was Luis who heard about the DRC from a church friend and encouraged his wife to try.

“I’ve definitely seen her change,” he willingly admitted.  Then he added with a grin, “I researched the Trinia Treatment and a brochure said that even your sex life would improve. I said, ‘yeah, right’. Guess what!”  They both laughed.



Raymond Seda (photo: Gary Axelbank)

Across the expansive room with the comfy treatment chairs is lifelong Bronxite Raymond Seda, 67, a retired doorman who is getting his fifteenth treatment.  He too suffered with Diabetes for seven years, but has seen positive changes since being treated at the DRC.  He’s losing weight and says he has more energy to walk further.  Also, he heals quicker.

“The other day I banged my little toe and the whole side turned black and blue,” he said. “Within a couple of days it was normal again. It came back to pinkish color. In the past I would not have healed as quickly.”

Medical Assistant T’sian Haywood checks the blood sugar of a patient at the DRC (photo: Gary Axelbank )

Positive reactions to the Trina Treatments at the DRC are not limited to patients.  Nurse Practitioner Linda Do (pronounced ‘Doh’) is energized by patient results from this innovative approach to Diabetes.

“In the medical field we usually deal with Diabetes management.  But the Trina Treatment helps prevent complications from happening and just hearing patients say they have increased energy, have better sleep, and  improved quality of life or that they’re able to feel the bathroom tiles on the floor motivates me to want to help them do these treatments.”



Diabetes Relief Center (photo: Gary Axelbank)

Opened in the Bronx in November, the DRC utilizes the innovative Trina Treatment that experts are calling a ‘game changer’ for Bronx Diabetes patients, who are attended to in a spacious, comfortable  5,000 square foot facility that is loaded with amenities, including iPods and TVs and, most importantly, custom-designed reclining chairs that are central to  their care.


The DRC website says the Trina Treatment can help repair and alleviate the symptoms, complications, and the metabolic dysfunction that are root causes of Diabetes. Trina has been available elsewhere in the nation for several years and the DRC boasts of more than 250,000 treatments that have been performed without a single adverse reaction.

Diabetes patients who would like to find out more about how the DRC can bring them some relief are urged to call 866-224-4662 and visit the Diabetes Relief Centers website.  DRC officials stress that the Trina Treatments are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurers.



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