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Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

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Film Review: “Spider-Man: Far From Home:” The Spidey Film We Always Deserved

Spider-Man: Far From Home theatrical release poster.
(photo/Wikipedia via TreeGelbmanFan)

This is an installment of a regular thisistheBronX film/TV review series by Bronx film reviewer and writer Adam McPartlan. Check back every Friday for Adam’s film reviews.

FILM REVIEW – by Adam McPartlan

July 26, 2019

Since 2004, Spider-Man 2 has been, for many, the epitome of the Spider-Man franchise. For some, it has even been called the best superhero movie ever made. This year, Avengers: Endgame took firm control of the latter. Now, there is a new best in the Spidey series, as Spider-Man: Far From Home has taken possession of the former.

Acting as a sort of epilogue to Endgame, Far From Home picks up after Thanos’ snap is undone and Iron Man’s death. The whole movie deals with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) looking for a new mentor and father figure after Tony’s death. At first, many expect him to look towards Happy or maybe even Nick Fury. However, the appearance of a new hero from the Earth of a different dimension, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), gives him a “replacement” Tony. The two bond over their shared need to save the planet, swapping advice for each of their circumstances, and both have a clear brotherly affection for each other after a short amount of time. Eventually, both team up in Europe to fight two elemental creatures that have ravaged Mysterio’s Earth.

I’m not one for spoilers, so the summary stops there. If you are of the opinion, as I am, that a great ending can make a good movie even better, this is that kind of film. Except it technically has three endings: the end, the mid-credits scene, and the post-credits scene, All three take a step up from the previous one and give us the best two credits scenes in MCU history. For those two scenes alone, this movie is the best of the Spider-Man series.

Now, there are many who will argue that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the best in the franchise. While it is a fantastic film, I have to disagree. The voice acting and storyline is great, and the multiple Peter Parkers add whole new dimensions (excuse the pun) to the series. My personal opinion is that while it is a great movie, it just isn’t as good as Far From Home. I find the acting to be better, the look and feel of the movie to be better, and the villains are more fleshed out. Also, I find the villain of Into the Spider-Verse not just lacking in backstory, but far inferior to Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of the same character in the Netflix series Daredevil.

Whether you think this is better than Into the Spider-Verse or not, we can all agree that the writing was flawless. It is a beautiful movie that expertly wraps up the Infinity Saga of the MCU, while ushering in the next big storyline. Holland continues to impress with his performance as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, focusing on both his youth and desire to be more mature, as well as his conflicting global issues vs. personal problems. Personally, I hope Gyllenhaal comes back in other films; he is a continually underrated actor, and this performance is just another great piece of acting under his belt.

This is the first Spider-Man film to reach $1 billion at the global box office. That would have been good for highest grossing film of the year 10 years ago; this year, it’s only the 4th highest grossing film. If you’ve only ever watched Spider-Man films from the early 2000’s, you should still see this film. Even with your absence from the MCU for the past 11 years, you won’t be disappointed; in fact, it’ll probably get you to go back and watch every film you missed.


Adam McPartlan is a graduate student in the Sports Broadcasting Program at Sacred Heart University. He’s a life-long Bronxite with a deep love of film, television, and writing.

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