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Saturday, August 24th, 2019

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Minimum Wage: Who Wins? Who Loses

Mina Muñoz, left, and Scarlett Nuñez serve up drinks at the Bronx Alehouse on West 238th Street. The establishment had to adjust to statewide minimum wage legislation that took effect Dec. 31, fattening paychecks for some of the state’s lowest paid laborers. (JULIUS CONSTANTINE MOTAL)

The Riverdale Press has an analysis of the effect of the recent increase of the State’s minimum wage. Specifically, the article takes a look at workers who will benefit and the claims from business owners that they will be hurting and be forced to pass along costs to consumers. They cite raised prices at Dunkin’ Donuts as a prime example.

As of January 1, New York City companies with more than ten employees must pay a $2 hike to $15/hour and businesses with fewer employees are mandated to pay $13.50/hour, a $1.50 raise.

The article includes an interview with the proprietor of the popular Bronx Alehouse bistro and how they plan to deal with the rising wages and potential for increasing prices for consumers, too.

Read the full January 20, 2019 story by Zak Kostro in the RIVERDALE PRESS….

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3 thoughts on “Minimum Wage: Who Wins? Who Loses”

  1. How are these small businesses going to survive? Why is it always those democrats who want to raise the minimum wage to “ensure” a vote from the worker … what about the owners!? These people cannot survive with raising their wages without passing it along to the customer, which in some cases will force them either to shop elsewhere or go out of business.. Mom and Pop shops are not even an option these days.. Very sad.

  2. First of all, anyone who works a 40 hour work week should, at the very least, be able to afford basic room and board (at least a room and food, utilities, etc.) Studies have shown that nowhere in America could that be accomplished on $7.75 or even $10 and hour.

    That said, my son did point out one consequence I had not considered. A lower end semi-skilled or well trained employee who was making $15 per hour now expects a raise because why should he or she make the same as an unskilled employee making minimum wage? It’s a valid argument and the start of a snowball effect. I’d be interested in hearing how others would address this argument.

  3. A high tide raises all ships…including the S.S. Pricehike. The more you make the more you spend, and the more you are forced to spend the more you must make. It just gets passed through to the consumer. What’s in your wallet?

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