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Saturday, July 20th, 2019

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New York


WEEKDAY MAGAZINE – “Must Visit” Spots in the Bronx

The Haupt Conservatory and lily pool at the New York Botanical Garden
(Acroterion / Wikimedia Commons)

by Donna Fitzgerald

July 11, 2019

Summertime in the City: Some “Must Visit” Spots in the Bronx

The sights, sounds, and even the urban heat: nothing beats a summer trip to NYC. Whether you’re touring all the boroughs or planning a trip to the Bronx, here are some of the best places to check out during the summer season.

Bronx Zoo 

The Bronx Zoo is over a century old and continues to be a top destination for tourists and locals every year. Nestled in an urban landscape and near the Bronx River, the zoo has over 200 acres of park lands and habitats for the 4,000 animals that live there.

Check out the weekly family-friendly events and be prepared for the crowds. Due to the size of the zoo and the extensive exhibits, you can expect to spend at least a few hours at this iconic Bronx landmark.

New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is a popular destination for NYC residents and people from all over the globe not only for the extensive collection of over one million different plants but because it’s a welcome break from the miles of asphalt and concrete. Depending on when you visit, you may be able to participate in one of the monthly events.

Another garden spot to check out is Wave Hill Public Gardens, which overlooks the Hudson River.

The Woodlawn Cemetery and Conservancy

While a visit to a cemetery may seem like an unlikely “must see” when vacationing, The Woodlawn Cemetery and Conservancy in the Bronx is a 400-acre Nation Historic Landmark. Enjoy the solitude and pay your respects to some social activists, war veterans, and other well-known people who made an impact on NYC, the Bronx, and the world.

Check out one of the walking tours, scavenger hunt, concerts, or other events that take place that this iconic spot.
Bronx Brewery

Want to enjoy some Bronx brewed craft beer after a hot day walking around the city? Summer Done Right-Hip Hop Edition is an upcoming event that showcases some of the Bronx’s musical talent and perfectly paired with some of Bronx Brewery’s finest. Try the Streetwise Imperial IPA or the Summer Pale Ale.

Yankee Stadium

Even if you’re not a die-hard baseball fan, checking out the Yankee Stadium is a must on your list when visiting the Bronx. Can’t catch a game in-person? Check out one of the other social events hosted by and at the Yankee Stadium.

A Few Tips to Consider

Walking is a great way to get around the Bronx and even if you take public transportation from one venue or event to the next, you’ll probably still end up doing a lot of walking. As a pedestrian, it’s important that you stay alert and aware at all times. 

While you might see a lot of New Yorkers walking around with their heads down and focused on their phones, walking while distracted or failure to make sure that drivers see you at an intersection can increase your chances of being in a pedestrian accident.

When you’re at an intersection or crosswalk, always make eye contact with motorists before you cross the street (even if you have the right of way). Motorists are just as distracted as pedestrians, so you can never assume that someone sees you. 

As always, wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you at the end of a long day of spending the day in one of New York’s finest boroughs.


Donna Fitzgerald is an avid reader and writer. In her free time, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with her readers.

To submit writing for publication on WEEKDAY MAGAZINE, click here.  Fiction, non-fiction, commentary, news, news analysis, and poetry are welcome.  Bronx slant always preferred.

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