10 Creative March of Dimes Fundraiser Ideas

Here are some amazingly creative March of Dimes Fundraiser ideas! We understand the importance of fundraising for nonprofit organizations and want to provide actionable tips to help you meet your fundraising goal.

Being a charitable organization in the United States supporting causes like infant death prevention and ensuring healthy moms and babies is challenging. Franklin D Roosevelt established the national foundation that would eventually become today’s beloved March of Dimes.

If you’re short on ideas or looking to spice up your usual approach, don’t worry – this guide is packed full of effective fundraiser ideas that promote both awareness among community members, as well as an influx in donations without even breaking out raffle tickets.

Here are some of the best March of Dimes Fundraiser Ideas –

1. Virtual Charity Miles Challenge

As a March of Dimes fundraising idea, you could organize a virtual Charity Miles Challenge. This event allows participants to sign up and walk or jog for a set number of miles in support of the cause. Participants can track their progress using apps like Strava or Fitbit, donating an agreed-upon amount per mile covered, with all proceeds going towards your fundraising goal.

2. Silent Auction Event

A silent auction is one possible fundraiser that public notices could announce where community members gather to outbid each other on various items with proceeds going directly to this charitable organization. It might include artwork donated by local artists, gift certificates from small businesses, or unique memorabilia items arranged in attractive packages.

3. Cooking Competition

Everyone loves food! You can host a cooking competition fundraiser whereby attendees pay an entrance fee to participate or spectate as well-liked foods are judged by volunteers from your audience participation base – perhaps parents from the local school committee.

4. Baby Photo Contest

This fun and engaging competition ties into March of Dimes’ mission since it aims to prevent premature babies’ issues – have supporters submit baby photos (with consent) for the contest. Entries require donations as fees while voting may be done through social media likes/shares raising further awareness for this good cause.

5. Online Trivia Night

You don’t need physical proximity for trivia! A simple Zoom call can bring everyone together where they play against each other for bragging rights and more importantly, supporting this infant death prevention non-profit organization.

6. Fitness Class Fundraiser

Work with fitness experts interested in leading programs on Zoom catering to different interests- yoga, pilates, cardio, etc. – helping raise money & promote health at the same time! Participants pay a certain fee which goes towards your Dimes fundraiser.

7. Book Club Meeting

For avid readers looking forward to an insightful conversation about their latest literary exploration, you can organize a Book Club meeting but with participation fees designated for March of Dimes.

8. Movie Night Bonanza

Whether virtual or in-person (when safe), attendees pay for tickets to watch popular movies– proceeds would contribute towards the national foundation initiated by Franklin D Roosevelt. You could even make this a regular special event.

9. Talent Show or Concert

Do local bands or passionate performers? Engagement through artistic talent is not just entertaining but also fruitful when used as a March of Dimes fundraiser idea. Selling raffle tickets for random fun prizes further drives audience participation and fundraising efforts.

10. DIY Crafts Sale

You could encourage kids to create DIY crafts and sell them online on any popular platform – an excellent way for them to learn charity while expressing creativity. Proceeds from sales can go directly to your fundraising campaign supporting this United States-based charitable cause.

10 Creative March of Dimes Fundraiser Ideas
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10 Creative March of Dimes Fundraiser Ideas
Discover 10 unique March of Dimes fundraiser ideas that will unleash your creativity and make a lasting impact.
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