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About Cookies

Nearly all professional websites, including this one, use cookies—small files downloaded onto your computer—to enhance your browsing experience. This policy explains the information cookies gather, how we use it, and why we sometimes need to save these cookies. It also outlines how you can block cookies, but doing so may negatively affect the site’s functionality.

For a general overview of cookies, consult the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

Our Use of Cookies

We employ cookies for various purposes described below. In most instances, there are no standard options for disabling cookies without completely deactivating the features and functions they add to the site. Thus, it’s recommended that you enable all cookies, unless you are uncertain whether you need them or not, in case they are essential for a service you use.

Blocking Cookies

You can prevent cookies by adjusting your browser settings (refer to your browser Help for instructions). Keep in mind, though, that blocking cookies will impact the functionality of this and other websites you visit. Deactivating cookies will likely disable specific functions and features of this site, so it is advised not to do so.

Cookies We Use

Email newsletters related cookies: We use cookies to remember if you have registered for our newsletter or email subscription services and to show specific notifications that apply only to subscribed/unsubscribed users.
Forms-related cookies: When you submit information through a form, such as on contact or comment pages, cookies may be set to recall your user information for future communication.
Site preferences cookies: To ensure a great experience on our site, we offer the functionality to set your preferences for how it operates when you use it. We must set cookies to remember your preferences, so the relevant information is available whenever you interact with a page affected by them.

Third-Party Cookies

In some cases, we also use cookies from trusted third parties. The following section details the third-party cookies you may encounter on our site.

This site employs Google Analytics, a widespread and trusted analytics tool that helps us understand how you use the site and identify areas for improvement. These cookies track information such as how long you spend on the site and the pages you visit, enabling us to create engaging content. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, visit the official Google Analytics page.
As we sell products, it’s crucial for us to gather data about the number of visitors who make purchases. This information is tracked by cookies and helps us make accurate business predictions, monitor our advertising and product costs, and ensure the best possible prices for you.
The Google AdSense service we use for advertising employs a DoubleClick cookie to provide more relevant ads and limit the number of times an ad is shown. For more information on Google AdSense, see the official Google AdSense privacy FAQ.
We use ads to cover the costs of running this site and support further development. The behavioral advertising cookies we use aim to present you with the most relevant ads by anonymously tracking your interests and suggesting similar content that may be of interest.
Some partners advertise on our behalf, and affiliate tracking cookies allow us to see if our customers arrived at the site through one of our partner sites. This enables us to credit our partners appropriately and, if applicable, allow them to offer you any bonuses for making a purchase.
We also incorporate social media buttons and/or plugins on this site, enabling you to connect with your social networks in various ways. These social media sites, including {List the social networks integrated with your site:12}, will set cookies through our site, which may be used to enhance your profile on their site or contribute to the data they hold for purposes outlined in their respective privacy policies.

Additional Information

We hope this policy has clarified the use of cookies on our site. As previously mentioned, if you are unsure whether to enable cookies, it’s generally safer to leave them activated, in case they interact with a feature you use on our site.

If you still have questions, please contact us through one of our preferred contact methods:

Email: [email protected]