8 Best Rhino Charities That Help in Rhino Conservation

We aim to shine a light on the best rhino charities working tirelessly to conserve one of the world’s most iconic and endangered species – the rhinoceros. These are organizations that have marked themselves as trailblazers in bolstering wildlife conservation efforts, particularly for exotic species like the black rhino from South Africa, the Sumatran, and the Javan Rhino. 

In African countries such as South Africa and throughout locales in Southern Africa, you’ll find brave teams committed to protecting key habitats such as Meru National Park or Kruger National Park.

These charities work not only within national parks but also with local communities, striving to craft viable strategies aimed at maintaining and increasing the dwindling numbers of all five extant species of this splendid wild animal – leading invaluable conservation projects spearheaded by experts including those under Save The Rhino International or International Rhino Foundation.

The best charities that help in rhino conservation are Save the Rhino International, International Rhino Foundation, Helping Rhinos, and African Wildlife Foundation.

1. Save the Rhino International


Save the Rhino International (SRI) is a UK-based charity recognized as Europe’s largest single-species rhino conservation initiative. Founded in 1992 and registered as an official charity two years later, SRI funds in situ projects focused on conserving populations of Critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. The organization emphasizes that the future of wildlife depends on coexistence with local communities sharing their habitats. 

The primary objectives include providing financial aid to onsite projects involving all species of rhinoceroses, promoting knowledge sharing among various rhino programs, and enhancing public awareness related to the necessity for Rhino preservation.

2. International Rhino Foundation


The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is a charitable establishment based in Texas, focused on the conservation of five rhino species across Africa and Asia. The IRF is passionately harmonizing efforts to safeguard these endangered creatures by initiating global conversations and cultivating a community of dedicated rhino supporters.

Among its major interventions are protective measures against rampant poaching; in both Africa’s southern zones and Indonesia, financed Rhino Protection Units have been established for this effort. In India, wildlife crime training for forest officials has been undertaken to streamline investigations better. 

Beyond protection initiatives, the charity recognizes habitat management as critical for rhinos’ survival. Accordingly, they hire local workforce across Indonesia and India for invasive species removal programs. Notably, in Sumatra’s Way Kambas National Park, three deteriorated rainforest sections are being revitalized owing to IRF cooperation. Through strategic alliances with local partners in India and Nepal, the foundation works tirelessly to restore habitats conducive to wildlife proliferation.

3. Rhinos Without Borders 


Rhinos Without Borders (RWB) is a dedicated initiative aimed at the protection and survival of Southern Africa’s wild rhino population. Established in response to an alarming surge in illegal rhino poaching in South Africa in 2014, RWB was borne out of a collaborative partnership between conservation and tourism companies – Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond.

4. Helping Rhinos


Helping Rhinos is a pioneering conservation initiative committed to ensuring the longevity of endangered wildlife, such as rhinos, in their natural habitats. The charity operates primarily in Kenya and South Africa centred on specific national objectives related to Rhino conservation.

They align with Kenya’s goal of achieving a population of 2,000 black rhinos by 2030 and support South Africa’s mission to rejuvenate vibrant populations of black and white rhinos across major conservancy areas. They tap into modern technology to aid this battle against extinction.

The struggle of Rhinos for survival, driven by human interventions including habitat destruction and poaching for horns, represents a broader conflict between humans and nature. This hardworking organization seeks not only to ensure survival but also to favor projects that help foster sustainable growth within these threatened species.

To execute its mission effectively, Helping Rhinos collaborates with select partners meticulously chosen based on certain criteria: they must assist in preserving or creating new habitats; protect rhinos from poaching; educate communities about the importance of sustaining rhino populations; or engage in other ecological projects that are sustainably scalable.

5. African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)


The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is a globally renowned conservation organization devoted to the protection and sustainability of Africa’s wildlife, wild lands, and natural resources. Since 1961, AWF has been instrumental in preserving endangered species and landscapes while promoting environmentally-focused enterprises that uplift local communities.

Apart from educating audiences about conservational challenges like rhino poaching, AWF has undertaken tangible on-ground initiatives for the cause. For instance, the organization built Nguila Rhino Sanctuary in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park where rhinos are kept under surveillance within a protected area. In addition to providing funding and logistical support for such establishments, AWF equips park staff with the necessary tools to monitor threats effectively.

6. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT), positioned as one of Africa’s preeminent wildlife charities, is recognized for its substantial contributions to conservation, wildlife preservation, and protection. Primarily renowned for its groundbreaking efforts in rescuing and nurturing orphaned elephants, rhinos, and giraffes until their successful reintegration into the wild. 

SWT has established a digital foster program that enables individuals to support these noble field projects by sponsoring an animal under their care. The Trust actively carries out rescue missions throughout Kenya, where many victims of poaching or human-wildlife conflict are brought back to SWT’s Nursery in the Nairobi National Park for rehabilitation.

7. Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB)


Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB) is a pioneering organization focused on the protection and reintroduction of black and white rhinos in Botswana. Through strong alliances with the governments of Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, along with partnerships like Wilderness Safaris, RCB endeavors to foster population growth among these iconic species within the Okavango Delta. 

Stemming from a core belief that rhinos must be preserved for future generations, this commitment extends beyond individual animals to protecting the vast ecosystems they inhabit – some of Earth’s last remaining wilderness areas. 

8. Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU)


Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) is a dedicated organization established in 1997 with the noble cause of reintroducing Eastern black and Northern white rhinos to Uganda, having faced extinction due to prolonged periods of civil unrest and rampant poaching. Currently, RFU is undergoing substantive restructuring and rebranding after parting ways with Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. 

Their agenda revolves around creating innovative, fresh rhino sanctuaries within Uganda to ensure the prosperity and growth of these magnificent creatures.

8 Best Rhino Charities That Help in Rhino Conservation
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8 Best Rhino Charities That Help in Rhino Conservation
Discover the top 8 rhino conservation charities making a difference in saving these majestic creatures.
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