Top 7 Best Armenian Charities

Here we deep dive into the world of goodwill, as we journey through the intricate realm of the best Armenian Charities. Our focus will be on dedicated organizations that have committed themselves to humanitarian aid and social services, which offer support and a lifeline for Armenian families, children, and orphans while keeping rights preserved.

These charities come in multiple forms; some originate from within Armenia itself like the Armenia Fund, some are established by those of Armenian descent worldwide—variously coined as the Armenian Diaspora—which includes various entities throughout North America and others belong to globally recognized bodies such as the United Nations & Red Cross.

The best Armenian charities are Armenia Fund USA, The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), the Fund for Armenian Relief, and The Bridge of Hope.

1. Armenia Fund USA


Established in 1994, Armenia Fund is an LA-based, tax-exempt non-governmental organization. As the US Western Region affiliate of the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund, it works in collaboration with nineteen international subsidiaries and has contributed over $120 million towards electricity development initiatives and humanitarian aid for Armenia.

Recently, due to diminished support and challenges in meeting its original objectives, the fund has garnered contributions from the Armenian government.

2. The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)


The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) is a philanthropic foundation committed to improving educational opportunities and the establishment of vital infrastructure for children and families in rural Armenia. COAF works towards propagating sustainable change by overhauling antiquated models of rural education while empowering these communities with purpose. Currently, their programs operate in 82 villages across six regions inclusive of Artsakh, impacting over 100,000 beneficiaries via enhanced healthcare, education, and economic development initiatives.

COAF’s mission focuses on granting all Armenian children access to resources necessary for them to realize their full potential. They aim to spur progress in often-ignored rural areas by tapping into local passion and innovation.

3. The Paros Foundation


Established in 2006 and based in Berkeley, California, The Paros Foundation specializes in promoting and supporting the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Armenian people. With an emphasis on inclusivity, it fosters acceptance for those with disabilities within Armenia. Known as a trusted provider of resources to passionate local artist-led organizations lacking financial or manpower support, it has become a prominent figure across Armenian communities worldwide.

With a focus on humanitarianism, culture, and development programming education, the foundation actively partners with the diaspora to implement small to medium-sized projects within Armenia. Seeking international collaboration, it encourages individuals and organizations alike to utilize its dependable resources to amplify their impact.

4. Tufenkian Foundation


The Tufenkian Foundation, established in 1999 by entrepreneur James Tufenkian, is dedicated to tackling Armenia’s significant social, economic, cultural, and environmental needs. Recognizing that market forces alone could not be relied upon to overcome entrenched issues hampering the country’s growth and prosperity.

With almost two decades of work devoted towards introducing innovative approaches to these issues alongside project development intended for widespread societal influence. The foundation aims to establish a just, democratic, and thriving Armenia by marrying its socially conscious attitude with daring perspectives and strategic entrepreneurial thinking.

5. Orran 


The Orran charity, active since 2000 and operating centers in Yerevan and Vanadzor, dedicates itself to providing support to at-risk youth, orphaned children, and vulnerable elderly people across both Armenia and Artsakh. With a growing beneficiary list of 100 elderly individuals and 230 children – aged between five to sixteen – Orran’s mission helps divert these populations from lives of destitution or begging on the streets.

6. Fund for Armenian Relief


The Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), a US-based humanitarian organization originating from the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern), offers consistent support to the people of Armenia through emergency relief and long-term development programs. 

FAR’s efforts span multiple sectors including child protection, economic development, education, health care, and social services. Founded in response to the catastrophic 1988 Gyumri earthquake, it has since expanded its initiative beyond just offering immediate aid.

7. The Bridge of Hope 


Bridge of Hope, established in 1996, is a devoted non-governmental organization that works vigorously to defend and support the rights of disabled children and youth across Armenia. Beginning its journey from a confined space catering to 45 children, it has painstakingly grown into an esteemed institution offering critical aid to thousands.

The charity provides crucial legal fees and expense assistance programs for vulnerable families straining under disability-related issues. Equipped with adept centers in Yerevan and the Tavush region; it remains dedicated to promoting social inclusion while ensuring dignified lives for their beneficiaries.

Top 7 Best Armenian Charities
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Top 7 Best Armenian Charities
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