8 Charities That Help With Prosthetics

In our world today, a myriad number of individuals live with limb loss or discrepancy. Many people experience traumatic circumstances leading to amputation – ranging from veterans who have bravely served our nation, children and young persons born with limb differences, or those involved in accidents.

Several others navigate life, dealing with complications from diseases necessitating the use of an artificial limb or prosthetic device. Luckily, they are not alone on this journey of rehabilitation and adaptation.

The best charities that help with prosthetics are The Amputee Coalition, Limbs for Life Foundation, Douglas Bader Foundation, and Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Various charities worldwide have stepped up to fill the financial gaps and offer assistance for acquiring advanced medical equipment such as prosthetics. These charitable organizations like the Amputee Coalition, and Hanger Clinic among others understand that losing a part of your body isn’t just physically challenging; it’s also financially daunting considering the high costs associated with the initial purchase and maintenance of prosthetic devices including legs and hands.

1. The Amputee Coalition


The Amputee Coalition is the nation’s foremost organization centered on limb loss, enhancing life quality for amputees and their families, advancing patient care, and averting limb loss. Committed to bolstering an empowered community, their primary mission is to support, educate, and advocate for those impacted by limb loss or difference. The coalition maintains dedicated programs such as No Amputee Alone aimed at ensuring amputees don’t face their journey in isolation.

Moreover, they are devoted to helping amputees live a fulfilling life post-amputation through the Living Well with Limb Loss initiative. They operate a National Limb Loss Resource Center that supports individuals’ return to active society with resources designed specifically for each stage of recovery. 

2. Hanger Clinic 


The Hanger Foundation, a non-profit organization and part of the Hangar Corporation strives to improve communities by supporting organizations aiding physically challenged individuals in leading fulfilling lives. Since 1861, it has had an extensive history of charitable endeavors. Between 2015 and now, they have donated approximately $1.96 million to 98 non-profits with missions mirroring their own.

Furthering this noble cause is the Hangar Clinic which operates over 900 locations nationally. The clinic teams up with patients for optimal orthotic and prosthetic outcomes. They develop bespoke solutions including high-tech prostheses and aids designed around individual patient needs.

3. Limbs for Life Foundation


Limbs for Life Foundation is a global nonprofit organization that aims to provide fully functional prosthetic care to individuals who are unable to afford it. They also strive to raise awareness about the challenges faced by amputees. 

With their vision of ensuring access to prosthetic care for all, the foundation recognizes the need for such services in the United States, where 507 people lose a limb each day and approximately 2.1 million Americans live with limb loss.

4. 50 Legs


The 50 Legs charity is dedicated to helping individuals overcome the financial barriers that may prohibit them from accessing proper prosthetics. With a team consisting of volunteers and a few staff members, many of whom have personal experience with prosthetics, they understand the importance of not allowing money to hinder one’s dreams and goals. Their mission is to ensure that individuals can live their best lives by providing properly fitted prosthetics.

When visiting one of their trusted provider locations for an appointment, a member of the 50 Legs team will personally meet with you. They go beyond just assisting with prosthetic fittings – they also connect individuals with necessary resources and support services both now and in the future.

5. The National Amputation Foundation


The National Amputation Foundation is a charity dedicated to aiding amputees and medical professionals through information resources, support networks, and advocacy. Born out of the experiences of two determined individuals affected by amputations from military service and traffic accidents respectively, this organization harnesses their knowledge to provide comprehensive support systems for other amputees.

Offering a variety of programs tailored to disabled people’s needs including assistance with benefits, legal issues, education/retraining opportunities along prosthetic center advice. They strive to assist in every step towards rebuilding lives post-amputation – from rehabilitation processes up to facilitating participation in sports or hobbies. 

6. Douglas Bader Foundation


The Douglas Bader Foundation is a charity organization established in honor of Sir Douglas Bader in 1982. Its primary objective is advancing the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of individuals with limb differences and other physical disabilities, as well as those suffering from mental health conditions.

It achieves this through four principal programs:

1. ‘Bader Information’ provides advice and personal support based on first-hand experiences.

2. The ‘Bader Grant’ offers financial aid to help individuals or groups attain personal goals.

3. ‘Bader Braves’ organizes activities for children aimed at fostering teamwork, participation, and self-confidence.

4. ‘Team Bader’ promotes involvement in sports or group events leveraging their social, physical, and creative benefits.

7. Heather Abbott Foundation


The Heather Abbott Foundation is a charity established to support those who have suffered limb loss due to traumatic events. It aims to provide customized prostheses, enabling amputees to regain a sense of normality in their lives. The foundation fosters an inclusive society by advocating for affordable prosthetic access and activation.

Underpinning this vision is founder Heather’s commitment-driven personal triumph over adversity that inspires others in similar predicaments while underscoring the transformative effects of communal generosity. Ultimately, The Heather Abbott Foundation desires a world where victims of traumatic limb loss can lead fulfilling lives without hindrance.

8. Challenged Athletes Foundation


The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) is devoted to assisting people with physical challenges in cultivating active lifestyles through fitness and competitive sports. Established out of compassion towards a paralyzed triathlete, CAF has since expanded into an influential organization that fosters community, confidence, and conviction amongst disabled athletes globally.

With the aim of equal recognition between able-bodied and physically challenged athletes, CAF’s vision includes making significant impacts on each person it serves; not only by offering inspiration but also through awareness creation and mentoring.

8 Charities That Help With Prosthetics
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8 Charities That Help With Prosthetics
Discover 8 incredible charities supporting prosthetics, transforming lives and giving hope to those in need.
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