Top 8 Charities That Help With Moving Expenses

Moving can be daunting, not to mention costly. But what if the expenses of moving are beyond your reach? Fear not, as there is hope in the form of charitable organizations that exist to aid individuals and families with these burdensome costs. Our blog shines a light on various charities that offer help with moving expenses.

We look at the significant role played by community action agencies like Catholic Charities USA, which dedicate themselves to serving low-income families grappling with relocation. From financial assistance for rent and security deposits to helping cover utility bills, such outfits are invaluable resources in bringing relief during moves.

The best charities that help with moving expenses are Catholic Charities USA, Housing Industry Foundation, Modest Needs Foundation and United Way.

Relocation is more than just handling physical movement – it also involves contending with potential housing costs sometimes too heavy for one’s income level. Here we delve into concrete options available for those struggling financially, such as obtaining rapid re-housing grants or accessing emergency solutions grant programs.

Yet another aspect we address is rental assistance – a lifeline many depend upon to secure affordable housing under subsidized housing programs or through discretionary housing payment schemes available within their area.

If you’re facing eviction due to inability to afford rent or utilities, plenty of support avenues like permanent housing offers via the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) or transitional arrangements through the Federal Relocation Assistance Program exist.

1. Housing Industry Foundation


The Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) is a charity organization dedicated to preventing homelessness and promoting stable housing. It offers help through several programs tailored towards moving costs, renovations and affordable housing.

One of HIF’s notable initiatives is its Homeless Prevention Programs which offer emergency assistance grants making it easier for individuals or families to handle shifting circumstances concerning their home situation.

Additionally, the Renovation Program constructs large- and small-scale modifications for agencies that combat homelessness effectively elevating the service capacity of these organizations without affecting their budgets.

Also notable is HIF’s Emergency Housing Fund which extends assistance of up to $2,500 to those facing unexpected financial setbacks such as sudden unemployment or medical emergencies.

Lastly, the Affordable Housing Initiative provides a platform where qualified applicants can access rental homes at rates significantly below the market price ensuring secure homes for struggling families. The diverse programs make life-transforming contributions towards enhancing community stability.

2. Modest Needs Foundation


Modest Needs is a non-profit organization established in 2002 that provides short-term financial assistance to working families and individuals living slightly above the poverty level who are ineligible for conventional social assistance. They offer specialized programs for community contributors such as public school teachers, first responders, veterans returning from service abroad and active duty military members.

The organization operates on a principle of direct payment remittance; instead of giving cash directly to the beneficiaries, they make payments straight to vendors or creditors specified in applicants’ documentation. This process ensures the donations are utilized as intended. Additionally, Modest Needs never charges any fees to its beneficiaries all grants provided require no re-payment.

Modest Needs also has self-sufficiency grants which you can apply for when looking for moving expenses assistance.

3. United Way


United Way, is a global entity operating in 95% of the U.S. and serving over 1,100 communities worldwide. Their mission is to bolster education, economic mobility and health access to build strong and equitable communities where all can thrive. They operate through local initiatives with their massive network consisting of community specialists who provide much-needed resources and services.

The United Way’s 2-1-1 program aids in connecting individuals to essential services they need and qualify for, including locating organizations that offer moving assistance for low-income groups.

4. Federal Relocation Assistance Program


The Federal Relocation Assistance Program exists to aid individuals affected by government property acquisition or demolition. The program offers financial assistance for moving costs, including transportation expenses and security deposits. This initiative has been established under the ‘Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970’ or the ‘Uniform Act’, a mandate designed to protect and support those who are displaced due to federally-funded projects.

To seek benefits from this program, applications must be made through the official platform using specified forms aimed at residential moving and housing charges consideration. Moreover, it acts as an extension of HUD-funded schemes while aligning with regulations such as section 104(d) of the Housing and Community Development Act.

5. Operation HomeFront


Operation Homefront is a reputable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving America’s military families. Since its establishment in 2002, this organization has strived to build strong, secure and stable military families by providing them with resources to overcome short-term difficulties.

The charity provides diverse programs and services centred on offering moving assistance, and financial aid and ensuring the empowerment of these families. Notably, Operation Homefront runs the Critical Financial Assistance program designed to provide monetary aid for struggling active-duty members or veterans facing financial crises.

Operation Homefront holds high ratings from notable charity rating agencies such as Charity Navigator which reflects their commitment towards efficient expenditure where 85% directly benefits their targeted demographic – the brave military families that have served our communities tirelessly.

6. Catholic Charities USA


Catholic Charities USA is a nationwide organization devoted to combatting poverty and homelessness. With roots tracing back over a century, the charity has evolved its outreach programs according to societal needs. It currently focuses on providing affordable housing solutions through advocacy for housing policies, offering emergency shelters as well as more permanent support.

The charity offers various programs like assisting with rent, mortgage payments and other utilities for different groups including the elderly, veterans and low-income families struggling with poverty. Additionally, Catholic Charities plays an active role in disaster response efforts within the United States.

In case you are widow, whos looking for help with moving expenses, then here is a specific list of charities that help widows.

7. Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity is an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization that operates globally in around 70 countries. Its mission is to ensure everyone has a safe and decent place to call home while fostering strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable housing solutions.

The charity provides extensive services including affordable housing programs where families with low or moderate income can partner with Habitat to construct their own homes. Integral financial literacy courses are also offered as part of these schemes. Additionally, Habitat extends its aid by offering disaster relief via shelter assistance alongside comprehensive education and training.

8. Government Programs

Here are some federal programs you can take advantage of if you are looking for help with moving expenses –

  1. Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG): Supports local government programs providing rental assistance and emergency shelters.
  2. Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) Program: Offers a 50% discount on homes for certain professionals in designated areas.
  3. Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program: Provides rent subsidies to low-income families through direct payments to landlords.
  4. Individuals and Households Program (IHP): Aids renters/homeowners affected by natural disasters cover home repairs and other expenses.
  5. Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP): Delivers employment and training services for unhoused or incarcerated veterans transitioning into civilian jobs.
  6. Real Estate Acquisition and Relocation Program: Presents relocation assistance to individuals displaced by federally funded projects like highway construction.
  7. U.S Military Relocation Assistance program: Local service providers aid military members with moving services, referrals for childcare, employment opportunities, housing options, medical services etc. during transitions such as PCS orders or separation from the military.
  8. USDA Rural Housing Service Programs: Helps low-income families secure housing in rural areas via loans or rental assistance.
Top 8 Charities That Help With Moving Expenses
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Top 8 Charities That Help With Moving Expenses
Discover the top 8 charities that provide assistance with moving expenses to individuals and families in need.
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