Top 7 Charities That Help Widows

In the cruel grasp of life, wherein a loved one is lost to widowhood, several charities rise as pillars of hope and strength for those willing to begin anew. This article uncovers a collection of charities that help widows; providing support, financial assistance and beyond.

The best charities that help Widows are Widows Hope, Wings For Widows and Modern Widows Club that offer not just healthcare resources but also promise dignity and empowerment amidst the tragedy.

Ranging from young widows to active duty members wrestling with grief, these groups fulfill basic life necessities including income and shelter. By encompassing both orphaned children in extreme poverty-stricken regions and existing family members needing guidance, these charities bravely assert their position against increasing needs worldwide.

This list explores commendable organizations awarded by Charity Navigator or recognised by the Charity Commission – each making notable contributions towards creating better lives for widowhood survivors via generous donations. So join us on this journey of awareness about upcoming events where you can help or volunteer your time while imparting encouragement and granting opportunities for change.

Liz Logelin Foundation


The Liz Logelin Foundation is a u. S based non-profit established to assist bereaved families by offering financial aid and resources. The organization specifically aids young widows and widowers with children under eighteen, providing for them up to one year after the loss of their partner.

Regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, this foundation offers no-strings attached grants aimed at supporting dependent children who have lost a parent. Founded in honor of late Elizabeth Liz (Goodman) Logelin by her husband Matthew, this foundation has reached over 70 families and assisted more than 150 children since its inception in 2008. Each year they host fundraising events like the celebration of hope gala and a worldwide 5k walk/run/hope event.

Widows Hope


Hope for Widows Foundation offers a unique community-based support system, specifically designed to help widowed women navigate through the grieving process. They do not offer formal counselling services but rather base their assistance on shared experiences and mutual understanding.

With various initiatives like private online platforms such as facebook groups and a variety of resources, hope for widows facilitates respectful expression, shared resilience and daily connection among its member community. The organization stands firmly on personal experience and focuses on empowering its members by cultivating connections that offer enduring support in coping with their loss.

Hope for widows is a non-denominational entity providing solace to all widowed women  married or unmarried  aiding them to find hope amidst the darkness.

American Widow Project (AWP)


The American Widow Project (AWP) is a dedicated charity for the bereaved spouses of fallen US Service members. Over the last two decades, it has offered vital support to numerous widows struggling with grief and hardships after losing their partners in Iraq, Afghanistan or due to post-service complications like ptsd or depression.

American Widow Project steps in where society often overlooks  catering to the emotional wounds and unvoiced needs of military widows. Their mission conveys firm belief that no widow should combat grief alone; every devastated spouse deserves opportunities for rebuilding life regardless of age or loss stage. The institution serves as a healing platform where military widows find solace through collective healing, fostering hope towards a brighter future.

Soaring Spirits International


Soaring Spirits International is a prominent worldwide organisation committed to providing innovative grief support programs for widowed individuals. Built on the powerful effects of shared experiences, they are dedicated to ensuring no one undergoes grief unaccompanied.

The principal objective of every program designed by soaring spirits is to form connections amongst people dealing with similar tragic circumstances. They offer a variety of unique support opportunities and provide the necessary information or tools willingly upon request.

As an inclusive non-denominational organization, their focus extends beyond mere consolation, encouraging hope and progression during the healing process after losing a spouse or life partner. Above all, soaring spirits emphatically advocates for ones access to hope in rebuilding lives post such devastating occurrences.

Wings For Widows

Wings For Widows is a compassionate, initiative-driven organisation committed to promoting financial literacy among widowed persons. Their mission centres on delivering tailored financial guidance and education, designed to instil confidence, clarity, and tranquillity in their beneficiaries.

They are dedicated to encouraging courage within individuals under distressing circumstances due to widowhood. Prioritising transparency delivered through clear communication channels forms an integral part of all operations at wings for widows. As it opens itself up to continuous innovation by welcoming new ideas into its core strategies that guide the path forward.

Both Hands


Both Hands is an inspirational charity that benefits both widows and adoptive families. They provide financial assistance, healthcare, and help with basic needs to widows in need through various programs.

Their primary project involves gathering a team of volunteers to carry out house renovations for a local widow. The funds raised from these projects primarily go towards supporting families aiming to adopt but are hindered by the significant cost involved. Over the past two years, they’ve raised an average of over $22,000 per project.

This unique approach fulfills their dual objective – facilitating affordable adoptions while simultaneously providing much-needed support for widows in respective communities.

Modern Widows Club


Modern Widows Club (MWC) is a humanitarian organization that offers comprehensive support to widows from all walks of life. The charity provides financial aid, basic necessities, healthcare and emotional help as they navigate their journey following the loss of a spouse.

The non-profit operates several programs aimed at building resilience and fostering positive change among beneficiaries. These include in-person/virtual assistance groups, mentorship schemes, educational initiatives, travel opportunities for social bonding, along with advocating for widow rights.

At MWC’s core lies the commitment to promoting inclusivity and ensuring every woman feels she’s not alone in the struggle. Program curricula focus on seven pillars of ‘healthy widowhood’, namely emotional/mental health, physical well-being, financial stability and spiritual wellness among others.

Honouring its unique approach are ongoing training sessions aimed at equipping widows with essential tools to become community leaders themselves thereby perpetuating the cycle of support towards fellow ‘wisters’.

Top 7 Charities That Help Widows
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Top 7 Charities That Help Widows
Discover the top 7 charities that provide support and assistance to widows. From financial aid to emotional counseling.
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