15 Trendy and Festive Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Ideas

We are excited to talk about a Christmas Wreath Fundraiser – where the spirit of giving is wrapped in the joyous decoration of wreaths and more!

As we all know, the holiday season brings about much cheer and happiness. Part of this joy comes from decorating our homes with evergreen trees adorned with ornaments and pine cones or placing beautifully decorated wreaths on our front doors. Imagine turning these holiday-crafted items into a fundraiser that benefits an organization dear to your heart! From Cub Scout groups to churches or non-profit organizations, anyone can successfully pull off a Wreath Fundraiser.

So how does it work? Simple! Starting from November 1st up until December 10th, you launch your sale by inviting friends, local businesses, or corporates throughout the United States or the country of your origin (not forgetting- all orders sent via PO Box). The products range from traditional greenery like tabletop Christmas Trees decked out with jingle bells and garlands alongside elegantly designed swags.

Let’s dive deep then into making your holiday fundraiser not just another ‘sale’, but rather one filled with purpose providing immense profits while still preserving that warmth the season is known so fondly for!

Here are some of the best Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Ideas –

1. Wreath Decorating Contest: Unleashing Creative Talents

Host a wreath decorating contest as part of your Christmas wreath fundraiser. Encourage people to purchase an undecorated Christmas wreath and use their creativity to design it uniquely in the comfort of their own homes. Use different materials such as bells, pinecones, or recycled items for decoration. After completion, participants can share photos of their finished products on social media and ask friends and family to vote for the best decorated one.

2. Table-Top Christmas Tree Sale: Promoting Miniature Delights

Scale down the traditional size! Selling table-top Christmas trees along with your wreaths promotes variation in your fundraiser effort portfolio while also retaining its festive theme compatibility to drive more sales than simply relying on a single product type.

3. Cub Scout Adventure: Scouting for Greenery

Partner with cub scouts or other local organizations who can help collect greenery, pinecones, and evergreen branches from around town that can be used for GCW locally sourced natural holiday decor products like live garland swags or centerpieces besides only focusing on selling holiday wreaths enhancing inventory variety pushing more funds thus increasing profit margin further supporting non-profit organization’s cause successfully meeting fundraising goal eventually.

4. Wreath Workshop Sessions: Learn & Earn Together 

Organize workshop sessions during which participants learn to create their own charming Christmas wreaths under expert guidance, using materials like pinecones, jingle bells, and greenery. These self-made wreaths can either be kept for personal use or sold in the fundraiser contributing to organizational funds. This serves the dual purpose of imparting new skills while simultaneously supporting the noble cause.

5. Christmas Cookies and Wreaths Combo: A Sweet Deal

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat during the holiday season? Combine your Christmas wreath fundraiser with a cookie sale. Customers can order their favorite cookies along with decorated wreaths, thereby increasing the overall amount of money raised. Ensure proper delivery arrangements to make it convenient for customers.

6. Decorate a Corporate Christmas: Serving Businesses 

Reach out to local businesses and corporations offering them custom-decorated Christmas wreaths or centerpieces as part of their holiday decorations. It not only broadens your customer base but also plays a crucial role in meeting fundraising goals swiftly due to the potentially high value these orders may carry.

7. Wreath Subscriptions: Festivity All Year Round

Consider setting up subscriptions where people get different types of greenery (wreaths, garlands, trees) throughout November and December or even all year round! This keeps the donations coming in well past December 10th until almost the next festive onset making successful durable contributions towards long-term financial goal achievement consistently over time maintaining steady profitable cash inflow uniformly getting through smoothly benefiting more elaborately organizationally at regular intervals creating thriving niche selectively over others more promisingly hereafter onto next level moving ahead progressively sufficiently enough.

8. Holiday Gift Add-Ons: Spreading Cheers Across Miles

If someone needs to send corporate gifts or wishes out-of-town friends “happy holidays”, offer them an opportunity to order beautifully crafted evergreen products like table-top trees, and decorated wreaths et al which can be boxed nicely and sent directly from the PO Box provided by you ensuring safe timely arrival unsurprisingly.

9. Eco-friendly Decorations Drive: Protect Nature While Celebrating 

Promote sales of wreaths made up entirely from recycled materials emphasizing experiencing a sustainable yuletide celebration this year attracting those especially who are eager to contribute significantly to helping keep our environment clean and neat contributing generously conserving nature’s resources demonstrating adequate sincere commitment apportioned proportionately benefiting society as a whole preserving environment around keeping clean safe not harming anyone while enjoying festival in traditional style maintaining ordinariness quite firmly ensuring happiness joy prevailing over undoubtedly unconditionally.

10. Wreath Poster Sale: Colors of the Holiday Season 

This is an offbeat yet engaging idea where artistic contributors can submit their drawings or sketches of wreaths signifying festive vibes that can be later turned into attractive posters and sold adding diversity to the sales portfolio driving more funds sourced uniquely apart from regular means employed usually alternatively innovatively contributing raising required money timely for the organization supporting its cause more meaningfully ahead successfully apparently well through.

11. Christmas Carolling Concert: Harmonious Fundraising

Organize a local caroling concert providing cheerful entertainment that pairs perfectly with festive décor sales. Attendees can appreciate the wreaths on display, purchase them, or donate directly to your cause while enjoying traditional songs of the season.

12. Sentimental Memory Wreath: Celebrating Loved Ones

Offer the option for customers to add names of their loved ones on miniature ornaments adorning the wreath which will not only personalize it but also serve as an emotional connection translating into more heartfelt donations.

13. Children’s Artwork Wreaths: Embrace Childhood Creativity

Collaborate with local schools and incorporate children’s artwork into special edition wreaths giving unique differentiation points as compared to regular pretty looking standard varieties available in the market usually targeting those who value originality and creativity preferring those choices over mainstream ones predominantly noticed around ranking better than others ordinarily setting new trend preferentially liked eventually positively.

14. Sponsor-a-Wreath Program: Gifting Festive Cheer 

Launch a ‘Sponsor-a-Wreath’ program where people can pay for a holiday wreath that’s given to local families in need, nursing homes, or other places that could use some extra holiday cheer providing them much-needed positivity morale boost necessary bridging society together more firmly ensuring everyone celebrates festival on equal level joyfully irrespective of their monetary capacity emphasizing unity equality overall spreading pleasant vibes across town rightly appropriate according season’s spirit matching with prevalent festive mood around fully living up completely indeed unquestionably.

15. Online Wreath Auction: Competitive Spirit for Good

Host an Online Wreath Auction where various unique, beautifully decorated wreaths are put up for bidding. The friendly competition will not only drive the prices of wreaths up but also keep participants engaged and entertained. All proceeds from this auction contribute directly to the fundraising program’s total.

15 Trendy and Festive Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Ideas
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15 Trendy and Festive Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Ideas
Discover the most stylish and festive Christmas wreath fundraiser ideas that will make your holiday season merry and bright.
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