15 Creative & Profitable November Fundraising Ideas

November is an upbeat month that ushers in the beauty of fall and the beginning of a spirited holiday season. As we all prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, it also brings a golden opportunity to keep the spirit of ‘giving back’ alive through fundraising.

Welcome to our article on November Fundraising Ideas! November shines with potential and positivity for creating effective fundraising events. This post brims with novel ideas – from traditional bake sales to pumpkin carving contests – we have described some activities making the most out of this fall season.

In today’s digitally advanced world, fundraisers are not just confined to local communities; they extend their reach via social media too. The power of social media helps in spreading your cause, selling event tickets online, or even hosting virtual trivia night games.

Giving Tuesday is one such internationally recognized day that harnesses this digital era’s generosity and encourages people worldwide to support good causes through donations. We will explore how nonprofit organizations can leverage Giving Tuesday as part of their November fundraising ideas.

Moreover, did you know involving local businesses could give a significant boost to your fundraiser efforts? Whether it’s getting gift cards donated for your raffle ticket draw or partnering with a local restaurant for an event – collaboration always yields great results!

Our suggestions don’t stop here; sit back and explore various easy fundraising ideas including outdoor events adaptable for school fundraisers or booster clubs. From silent auctions filled with assorted gift baskets to festive favorites like Christmas card sales – there are innovative ways where event participants can contribute while enjoying themselves!

And lastly, no matter which idea strikes your fancy – be it an analytical cookie sale (because who doesn’t love cookies?), hosting nifty pumpkin pie contests, or something else entirely – remember that successful fundraising campaigns always thrive on the heartfelt connection between donor/supporter and organization/community members alike throughout this bustling fall season.

So, let’s cheer up everyone around, working together towards common goals–after all, isn’t that what the holiday season spirit is all about? Happy Fundraising!

Here are some of the best November Fundraising Ideas –

1. Host a November Bake Sale

During this time of year, people crave comfort foods and sweets, making a bake sale an excellent fall fundraising idea. Encourage community members to donate cookies, pies (especially pumpkin pie!), and other delicious treats. Charge an entry fee per person or sell individual items to raise funds for your cause.

2. Arrange a Pumpkin Carving Contest 

The pumpkin carving contest is another fun and easy fundraising idea that involves the entire community during the fall season. Participants can be charged an entry fee with special prizes for the winners such as gift cards for local businesses or handmade Thanksgiving decorations.

3. Silent Auction Night

Organize a silent auction night in November involving local businesses for donations of goods or services that can be auctioned off. It helps create engagement while also supporting small, local businesses.

4. Supplier Supporter Donation Drive

Collect commitments from supporters who also happen to be suppliers to donate proceeds from their sales in November towards your charity campaign. This way you inspire business-minded individuals not just ‘veto give donations but actively include them in the month-long activity.

5. Trivia Night Event 

Arrange trivia nights about historical events that happened in November (like International Day) where participants pay an entrance fee that goes toward your fundraising efforts. This could even become quite competitive among teams if conducted on social media platforms!

6. Partnering with Local Restaurants 

Collaborate with several local restaurants wherein they agree to provide free meals or discounts in return for clients donating towards the fundraiser when dining at their establishments during specified dates of November. The restaurant gets publicity & possible increase in customers while non-profit organization collects necessary donations.

7. Selling Christmas Cards Early! 

The holiday season kicks off right after Thanksgiving so use this opportunity to sell specially designed Christmas Cards created by voluntary artists/designers within the organization/customer base. A group could also hold workshops teaching how to make personalized homemade cards- charging course fees & using materials sponsored by kind donors.

8. Gift Basket Raffles 

This November fundraising idea is easy yet effective. Create several themed baskets like Thanksgiving Dinner, Fall Home Decor, Bake Kit, etc., which can be raffled off to lucky winners. Tickets will sell easily as buyers verify their chances of winning multiple prizes besides making a meaningful contribution to the cause.

9. Virtual Outdoor Activity Day

Organize an outdoor activity day for your supporters- one that complies with social distancing rules. This event can involve birdwatching, hiking, or even a marathon run! Participants pay entry fees & are encouraged to gather sponsorship amounts from friends/family thus helping in hiking up overall funds raised.

10. School Booster Club Fundraiser

Schools usually have booster clubs that raise funding for educational activities or sports equipment. So why not pair them up with your nonprofit? Have high school students & teachers participate in various benefits events across November where entry fee goes towards both set causes giving more encouragement to all involved parties.

11. Thanksgiving Cooking Class Fundraiser

Open up an online cooking class to teach community members how to create delicious and hearty Thanksgiving meals (with pumpkin pie on the menu of course!) Participants can pay a fee for attending that will go into your fundraising campaign.

12. November Book Sale

Organize a book sale event where donors, volunteers, and supporters donate books which are then sold to raise funds. This not only fosters reading culture but also serves as an engaging fundraising event idea for the fall season.

13. Virtual Concerts or Music Festival 

Host a virtual concert or music festival featuring local artists and musicians willing to perform for free in support of your cause. Ticket sales contribute directly towards your fundraising efforts making it fun and profitable.

14. Fitness Challenge Fundraising Idea 

Initiate something like “Run For A Cause” where each participant commits to running/jogging/walking certain miles within November pledging per mile donations from their social circuits creating endless possibilities in terms of money raised through enthusiastic health-conscious participants!

15. Artwork Auction Event 

Arrange an art auction featuring artwork donated by local artists or talented supporters & community members showcasing paintings, sculptures, photography, etc., thus contributing both aesthetically & financially towards charitable activities whilst enhancing cultural interest amongst all.

15 Creative & Profitable November Fundraising Ideas
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15 Creative & Profitable November Fundraising Ideas
Discover 15 incredibly innovative and profitable November fundraising ideas that'll ignite your creativity and boost your donations.
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