15 Quirky & Unique Fundraising Ideas

Hello, wonderful supporters and fundraising enthusiasts! Do you remember the last time you participated in a plain old bake sale or a fun run for your school fundraiser? Do you also recall how it sometimes felt like squeezing water from a rock to sell tickets or generate excitement around these events?

Well, brace yourselves as we’re about to turn your world of traditional fundraising on its head with our list of quirky fundraising ideas. These remarkable fundraising initiatives move beyond the typical bake sale or charity gala. With the advancement in online platforms, we now have virtual fundraising ideas that capitalize on social media’s power – truly a supporter’s best friend.

No longer are we confined by geography; bring everyone together through an online trivia night or an international day-themed event – where small donations from numerous individuals across different geographies can substantially impact your chosen charity!

We understand that not everyone may be able to secure large pledges from donors but fret not as many of these unique initiatives require only an entry fee or boast low setup costs (dubbed cheap fundraising idea). For instance, tie-up with local businesses and hosting events like silent auctions often help drive engagement while simultaneously supporting community members.

Here are some of the best Quirky Fundraising Ideas –

1. Quirky Bake-Off Competition: 

This quirky fundraising idea revolves around food, fun, and community spirit. Participants can be asked to create their own unique baked goods for a bake-off competition. Apart from the entry fee, each participant’s creation can also be auctioned off or sold to spectators with all proceeds going towards your chosen charity or good cause.

2. Themed Costume Fun Run:

A whimsical take on a traditional fun run fundraising event. Participants pay an entry fee to partake in a half marathon dressed in quirky costumes based on themes like superheroes, storybook characters, or international day celebrations such as Valentine’s day costumes, etc. Not only does it encourage high levels of participation but also additional revenue could be generated through selling raffle tickets and souvenir merchandise for spectators.

3. Talent Show Extravaganza:

One of the more engaging online fundraising ideas would be conducting a virtual talent show where participants showcase their unique abilities online via social media platforms such as Facebook Live or Zoom meeting webinar platform for small donation amounts which are directed towards the fundraising campaign goal.

4. Supporter’s Silent Auction:

Here is another unique fundraiser idea that could work both online and offline at local events – A silent auction featuring products/services donated by supporters of your cause (community members/local businesses). Every item up for bid has an initial price set; bidders write down their bids silently throughout the event time-frame, and at the end highest bidder wins this prize, adding more funds towards your fundraising goal.

5. Virtual Trivia Night:

An affordable yet entertaining way to connect with friends while raising money is hosting a virtual trivia night fundraiser using an online video conferencing tool like Zoom which runs similarly to quiz shows/ game nights charging each participant/team a small registration amount serving a dual purpose – entertainment + supporting a good cause.

6. Crafts Sales Fair Fundraiser Idea: 

If you have artistic supporters who love making crafts then organize a craft fair selling these handmade items, People love to shop crafts for home decorations or as hobby collections which will attract ticket sales.

7. Repurpose Your Closet Fundraising Event:

This school fundraiser operates by collecting gently used clothing and accessories donations from the community, which are then sold off at second-hand fashion markets both physically and online; gives a great chance to donate clothing that’s sitting unused in their closets, and shoppers get deals on lightly used flair clothes.

8. Virtual Sing/Dance-A-Thon: 

Here’s an idea where donors can directly engage with charitable causes as participants sign up either individually /teams with pledge amounts set correlating to how many minutes/hours they could continue performing the chosen activity. Funds generated come from pledges made prior start of the event.

9. Charity Gala Cooking Class:

Traditional galas put a fresh spin, selling virtual tickets and getting guided tours through favorite celebrity chef’s kitchen having them teach an exclusive cooking class live. This not only enables you to gather a sizable donation sum but also provides attendees unique experience making it a successful fundraising event story!

10. Board Game Tournament Fundraiser – Charity version:

People love playing board games why not capitalize on this fondness by organizing competitive tournaments at local businesses charging small fees to enter the game?The field could range from classic Chess/Scrabble/Snakes & Ladders thus broadening appeal for families/kids/adults alike increasing overall turnout- hence proceeds.

11. Pet Parade:

This quirky fundraising idea calls for your community pet owners to show off their pets in adorable costumes! Each owner can pay an entry fee to have their pet entered into different categories. From “Cutest Outfit” to “Best Trick”, awards can be given out while spectators and participants make donations towards the good cause.

12. Crowdfunded Mural Painting:

A collaborative community project where a local artist designs a mural and community members are invited to contribute by painting sections of it, making small donations towards your fundraising project as they do so. The event brings together the community, contributing creatively while supporting a charity.

13. DIY Workshop Fundraiser:

Invite skilled craftsmen or DIY enthusiasts from within the community to host workshops where people can learn new skills or crafts, like pottery-making, woodworking home decor crafting, etc. Participants are charged an entry fee which goes toward their chosen charity.

14. “Dare To Do” Challenge :

In this fun donation drive campaign supporters perform goofy dares if certain fundraising goals are met. This could range from a school principal promising to shave off hair if funds reached the targeted amount/to a teacher spending a day dressed up as a superhero & similar stunts adding humorous elements fuelling more sponsorship hence success stories– all in the name of supporting great cause!

15. Sponsored Social Media Viral Challenge: 

Here is a trendy viral challenge idea. Get social media influencers onboard creating custom challenges and getting views/likes/shares. Tie-up with corporations willing to sponsor such online efforts wherein each like/share results in a set donation amount pledged by a corporate partner- thus making a substantial contribution towards achieving the fundraiser goal!

15 Quirky & Unique Fundraising Ideas
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15 Quirky & Unique Fundraising Ideas
Discover 15 incredibly fun and offbeat fundraising concepts to spark your creativity and boost donations.
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