8 Best Charities That Help Blind People

As the veil of darkness descends upon the vision spectrum from low vision to total blindness, it is comforting for those affected and their loved ones to know they are not alone. A plethora of organizations, such as the National Federation and charities like the American Foundation and Helen Keller protest against this descending gloom by extending beacons of light in innumerable ways. 

The best Charities for the Blind are the American Foundation For The Blind, the National Federation of the Blind and The Foundation Fighting Blindness.

The stirring mission these divine entities undertake resonates with phrases such as sight loss, vision impairment, and visual disability – induced either at birth or later due to unfortunate circumstances.

Among our focal discussions will be spotlighting foundations pioneering in fighting blindness, like the National Federation – a leading force for individuals facing issues with sight or complete blindness – guided by key principles laid down at their flagship annual event: the blind national convention attended by blind Americans nationwide.

These organizations also extend their hand towards blind children and young people with visual disturbances through specially designed programs contributing towards independence-enhanced life opportunities. Stories from successful programs strengthening confidence among blind students throw light onto resourceful educators assiduously working behind curtains to transform dreams into reality.

American Foundation For The Blind (AFB)


American Foundation For The Blind is laudably committed to empowering individuals who are blind or visually impaired. They extend their aid by funding legal fees and expenses, ensuring that these individuals have equal access to justice. The charity provides resources for original research, champions the production of more accessible products and websites, and advocates for policies promoting accessibility and equality.

With a strong emphasis on education, they provide necessary learning materials for visually impaired children while also advocating for relevant legislation. By uniting leaders across various sectors in their mission to develop inclusive legislation and best practices, they strive to ensure equal opportunities in society.

National Federation of the Blind


The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), founded in 1940, is a leading organization supporting blind individuals throughout America. With affiliates across fifty states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico, NFB seeks to defend the rights of blind Americans and provide assistance for both children and adults living with visual impairment.

Their largest event is the National Convention where training support & valuable information are shared among attendees while also electing leadership roles within outreach programs.

The Blinded Veterans Association


The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) aims to improve the lives of visually impaired veterans through a variety of services and programs. Their mission is delivered with dedication and commitment while promoting respect, honour and patriotism among their members. They offer expert advocacy and self-reliance for all visually impaired veterans dealing with sight loss.

Among their initiatives are the Blind Rehabilitation Centers (BRCs), which help veterans acquire adaptive skills necessary to cope with vision loss. BVA also pioneered the Visual Impairment Service Team Program designed to foster outreach among eligible vets, keeping them apprised of available services.

Their work has a strong track record of fostering improvements in policy relating to veteran care – serving as an instrumental voice advocating for America’s blinded veterans.

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired


LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a reputable, century-old nonprofit organization headquartered in San Francisco. It offers an expansive array of programs aimed at supporting blind individuals to stay independent and active. With forefront initiatives like teaching 650 students annually to use a white cane, providing technical training to 320 other students, engaging 100 young participants with enrichment activities and aiding deaf-blind students with braille skills, this noble charity emphasizes self-reliance.

A distinguishing feature of LightHouse is its historical Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa where it provides stellar camping experiences to the visually impaired community. Furthermore, each month they offer extensive support services, ranging from counselling to case management while also fostering communal cohesion through various social & recreational activities.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness


The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a charitable organization with a firm commitment to supporting groundbreaking research in retinal degeneration. Known for its significant influence within the scientific community, the foundation finances promising studies that might otherwise lack necessary funding. 

The impact it has had on understanding and treating various forms of retinal degenerative diseases is impressive, underlined by the estimation that over 900 of the top 1000 papers in this field have been authored by researchers supported by their program.

Over time, the foundation fighting blindness has been pivotal not only as a source of hope for families affected but also as one fostering intellectual growth among scientists and medical professionals specializing in ophthalmology. 



Orbis, is a global entity combatting avoidable blindness. Their mission involves mentoring local teams to address vision loss in their respective communities. They target primarily low- and middle-income countries with alarmingly high rates of preventable vision loss.

Orbis has a remarkable history spanning 40 years during which they have pioneered the prevention and treatment of blindness; greatly impacting many lives, thereby enabling individuals to realize their full potential. The charity operates numerous long-term projects worldwide including in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal among others.

The organization’s exhaustive efforts include having conducted over 2.5 million eye screenings and examinations while delivering more than 30,000 training sessions for medical professionals across eleven different countries

American Printing House for the Blind


The American Printing House for the Blind (APH), based in Louisville, Kentucky since 1858, is a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to cultivating accessible learning experiences for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The organization distinguishes itself through an array of educational, workplace-based and independent living products and services that aim to empower these individuals.

Centred around ensuring lifelong success for its beneficiaries, APH continuously strives to develop innovative resources that truly impact people’s lives. Their mission extends beyond providing immediate assistance – it focuses on crafting a future where everyone has equal opportunities.

Helen Keller International


Helen Keller Intl found its roots in the optimism of co-founder Helen Keller and focuses on uplifting those overlooked by current health and food systems. It operates across 20 countries worldwide to fight injustices that hinder over one billion people’s wellness and potential.

Helen Keller Intl employs comprehensive programs for targeted community support aimed at eradicating malnutrition, boosting immunity, laying access to medical treatments, preventing blindness and treating vision loss. Their unique approach – the Helen Keller method – draws from cultivating home gardens for nutritious food production to fostering women’s empowerment as they form the core of household well-being.

8 Best Charities That Help Blind People
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8 Best Charities That Help Blind People
Discover the top 8 charities making a real difference in the lives of blind individuals. Improve your understanding and support their mission today.
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