Top 6 Charities That Help International Students Financially

In the pursuit of higher education, many international students face financial challenges. This article presents a comprehensive list of charities that help international students financially – from scholarships to grants and loans, aimed at helping them navigate their journey toward academic achievement.

This piece outlines critical information about various nonprofits in the United States and United Kingdom which assist Indian students, African students and other overseas students facing financial difficulties; including undergraduate, graduate and medical students seeking funding.

The best Charities that help International Students Financially are M Power Financing, American Association of University Women and NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

The article provides valuable insight into scholarship opportunities, bursary programs for those in need. It also highlights organizations offering student finance to disabled students or those suffering financial hardship.

Further details on how such charities offer assistance for tuition fees, living expenses or any other costs associated with studying abroad will be discussed. Also included are information on federal student aid options like the Federal Financial Aid Program by World Bank as well as support offered in Puerto Rico.

M Power Financing


MPOWER, established in 2014 by Manu Smadja and Mike Davis, is a charity dedicated to removing financial barriers for international students pursuing education. Acting as a Public Benefit Corporation, MPOWER has assisted countless students achieve their academic dreams through various services such as scholarships, student loans, immigration support and career services.

Among its many endeavors is the Global Citizen Scholarship – specifically designed for international or DACA students enrolled at supported schools. The broad scope of this scholarship caters to the diverse experiences faced by these individuals. Applicants are not required to be MPOWER borrowers adding flexibility for potential applicants.

American Association of University Women (AAUW)


AAUW is a long-standing organization fighting for gender equity and economic security. They passionately work towards removing barriers that hinder women’s advancement autonomously or within legislative framework.

One key program at AAUW focuses on supporting international female students intending to undertake graduate or postdoctoral studies in the United States, as well as offering limited awards for research outside of the U.S. This International Fellowship has been in existence since 1917, provides funding from $20k – $50k annually and opens every year from August 1 to November 15. The awarded funds are intended to cover educational expenses, living costs, dependent care, and professional travel with certain conditions.

To maintain fairness in their process of awarding fellowships, AAUW adheres strictly to selection criteria primarily focused on academic achievement, commitment to advancing women’s causes and potential impact upon return to their home country.

International Students House

International Students House (ish) is a charitable organisation that aids young people globally in achieving their academic goals. Recognizing the importance of equal opportunities for success, ish works closely with various university partners and supporters to create a conducive environment that fosters learning and community. This includes offering scholarship programs, safe accommodation, social events, and even hardship funds for those requiring financial assistance.

Maintaining values laid down by its founder mary trevelyan in 1965, ish places friendship, understanding, openness and cooperation at the heart of their work. The charity envisions transforming students futures through its unique provision of an affordable home from abroad; creating opportunities for several backgrounds converge under one roof in london.

Rhodes Trust Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarship is an esteemed international program that provides financial support for exceptional students to study full-time postgraduate courses at Oxford University. This scholarship has a profound history, established in 1902 and still stands as one of the most respected academic scholarships around the globe.

The charity aims to foster young leaders through this pursuit of education, emphasizing values such as intellectual distinction, concern for others, leadership energy, and public service dedication.

The fund covers Oxford University course fees and offers an annual stipend for all living expenses. In addition to these benefits, Rhodes Trust also funds application fees at Oxford university & student visa charges – further covering two economy class flights (arrival & departure) from the UK.

Application for this scholarship isn’t bound by any strict ‘type,’ thus invites talented scholars from diverse backgrounds worldwide. The main criterion stresses on academic excellence and demonstrated talents coupled with moral force of character – encouraging unselfishness amongst fellows while fostering interests in fellow beings.

Social Science Research Council (SSRC)


The Social Science Research Council (SSRC), a leading nonprofit founded in 1923, caters to international students struggling financially in the United States. Specialising in funding research advancing knowledge about various societies and cultures, it provides significant support to these students through scholarships and monetary benefits.

One of SSRC’s primary programs is the International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF). This prestigious fellowship supports scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences undertaking research that enhances understanding of US Indigenous or non-US communities. Since its establishment in 1997, IDRF has financially assisted over sixteen hundred projects around the globe.

In operation for nearly a century, SSRC continues its noble quest of uniting scholarly inquiry with policy relevance for societal well-being on a global scale. This work is particularly vital for helping international students overcome financial challenges while studying abroad.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators


The NAFSA: Association of International Educators is an enormous non-profit organisation committed to the world of international studies. The association brings together over 10,000 educators at more than 3,500 institutions worldwide, committed to fostering understanding and respect among varied multicultural perspectives.
Their work encompasses a wide spectrum that includes advocacy for stronger international education policies, support for professional development in the sector and promotion of research targeted at strengthening their field.

NAFSA provides significant financial aid for undergraduate students with non-immigrant visas who have chosen a US-based institution. While it is noted that most funding comes from personal sources instead of scholarship aid being available only in scarce amounts; the association extends resources like EduPASS which offers comprehensive glossary related to student financial aid terminology.

Even though securing merit-based scholarships proves competitive, NAFSA offers assistance based on proven exceptional abilities or talents as well as need-based awards given based on established levels of financial need.
Additionally, they offer interest-free loans through specific programs targeting students from certain regions or countries meeting particular criteria.

Top 6 Charities That Help International Students Financially
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Top 6 Charities That Help International Students Financially
Looking for financial assistance as an international student? Here is our list of the top 6 charities dedicated to providing support and aid to students studying abroad.
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