10 Charities that Help with Car Repairs & Expenses

In today’s world, owning a car is almost a necessity. From getting to work to running errands and attending events, our cars are essential in helping us navigate through life. Unfortunately, maintaining and repairing vehicles can be an expensive affair that many individuals and families cannot afford. This is where charitable organizations dedicated to assisting people with car repairs and expenses come in handy.

The best charities that help with car repairs are Wrench It Forward, Vehicles for Change, The Lift Garage, Working Cars for Working Families and Free Charity Cars.

In this article, we will explore charities that offer aid with vehicle-related expenses in the United States so that you can take advantage of their services when you need it most.

Whether you are experiencing financial difficulties or have fallen on hard times due to unexpected circumstances like COVID-19 pandemic and require emergency car repair assistance, these organizations aim to help alleviate the burden by offering various forms of assistance for those who qualify.

1. Wrench It Forward


Wrench It Forward is a Lubbock, Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome poverty and homelessness by providing affordable car repair services. Established in June 2018, WIF has already completed over 100 repairs, saving the community an estimated $21,000 in maintenance costs. The organization focuses on ensuring safety and reliability for those who depend on their vehicles for essential tasks such as work commutes and daily errands.

With an ASE certified technician on board, Wrench It Forward offers routine repairs at a maximum labor cost of $15 per hour plus parts without any additional markup. While major engine or cosmetic restorations are not provided, each vehicle is thoroughly evaluated to determine if the required repairs can be performed within their capabilities.

As a charity relying on donations to support its mission, Wrench It Forward serves low-income individuals, families, students, senior citizens, and veterans in Lubbock and surrounding areas. Your generous contributions enable them to make a meaningful impact on those affected by poverty within the community.

2. Working Cars for Working Families


Working Cars for Working Families is a reputable charity committed to providing sustainable transportation solutions for low-income individuals and families. With a deep understanding of the crucial role vehicle access plays in gaining employment and sustaining financial stability, the organization lends support to those grappling with vehicle ownership and maintenance costs.

Primarily focusing on enabling car repairs for economically challenged individuals who rely on their vehicles for employment, Working Cars for Working Families collaborates with local mechanics, auto repair shops, and benevolent donors to offer essential repairs at minimal or no cost. Furthermore, they help procure affordable used cars for those requiring dependable transportation.

Recognizing the immense influence of mobility on job opportunities, income security, and overall well-being; the organization strives to facilitate self-sufficiency and financial independence by addressing expensive car repair hurdles. Through this mission, Working Cars for Working Families significantly empowers individuals while nurturing robust communities.

3. Vehicles for Change


Vehicles for Change is a dedicated charity that aims to empower individuals and families in need by providing them with reliable transportation solutions. Through car donations and affordable repair services, the organization strives to ensure access to essential opportunities such as employment, education, and healthcare for low-income individuals.

Understanding the financial burden of vehicle maintenance, Vehicles for Change collaborates with skilled mechanics and repair shops to offer cost-effective services. This enables those facing economic challenges to maintain their cars without excessive expenses.

By concentrating on accessible repair services, Vehicles for Change endeavors to eliminate transportation obstacles encountered by low-income individuals. In doing so, the organization plays a crucial role in helping people secure stable employment, reach vital resources, and enhance their overall well-being.

4. Autocare Haven


Autocare Haven is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free vehicle repairs for veterans, senior citizens, single parents, and low-income households in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Funded by tax-deductible donations from generous individuals and organizations, Autocare Haven purchases parts and employs experienced mechanics to assist those in need of vehicle repairs.

Applicants must meet specific criteria such as having valid auto insurance, a driver’s license, verifiable income, and residency within the specified counties. If eligible for assistance, applicants will have their vehicles diagnosed by qualified mechanics before proceeding with necessary repairs at no cost to them.

Autocare Haven aims to alleviate financial burdens related to car maintenance for low income families in North Texas while connecting them with trusted professionals in the automotive industry.

5. Good News Garage


Good News Garage is a distinguished charity organization founded in 1996 by Hal Colston in Burlington, Vermont, with the purpose of providing assistance to low-income families in New England and Eastern NY state. Recognizing the importance of reliable transportation for personal growth and success, Good News Garage offers comprehensive car repair services at no cost to those struggling financially. To date, the organization has contributed over $10 million worth of donated auto repair services and has helped thousands gain independence and stability.

In addition to vehicle repairs, this remarkable charity also graciously accepts cash donations that directly aid recipients’ essential vehicular expenses such as insurance payments. Through its tireless efforts and commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty linked with limited transportation access, Good News Garage embodies its core belief that dependable transport can pave the way for individual achievement and create lasting positive impact on families’ lives.

6. The Lift Garage


The Lift Garage is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable auto repair services to Minnesotans who fall under the 150% Federal Poverty Guideline. With a mission to offer individuals a path out of poverty, The Lift Garage provides low-cost car repairs, community partnerships for support networks, and access to essential resources for its customers. Committed to respecting one another, maintaining quality workmanship, and offering living wages for their employees, The Lift Garage prioritizes excellent customer service while fostering strong community connections.

Offering free inspections (by appointment) focused on safety and drivability issues in vehicles, The Lift charges only $15/hour for labor and supplies parts at cost. This organization assists clients with household incomes at or below 150% of federal poverty guidelines by verifying income through various documents during inspection appointments.

Ultimately, The Lift Garage aims not only to repair vehicles but also transform lives by restoring hope and providing secure mobility opportunities for those it serves.

7. Operation Homefront


Operation Homefront is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to building strong, stable, and secure military families, allowing them to thrive in their communities. Since 2002, the organization has provided relief through programs such as Critical Financial Assistance (CFA), veteran housing assistance programs like Transitional Housing and recurring family support services.

The CFA program offers emergency financial aid for veterans and their families facing urgent financial crises involving mortgage payments, rent, utilities, car repairs, home repairs and more. As a professional caseworker-managed charity with consistently high ratings from leading rating services like Charity Navigator since its inception in 2002—88% of Operation Homefront’s expenditures go directly towards supporting military families who need it most.

Focused on ensuring military families receive necessary resources during trying times while maintaining respect for those served; the vision for the future is to be the provider of choice for short-term critical financial assistance and long-term stability programs that serve these communities effectively.

8. Free Charity Cars


Free Charity Cars, a Florida-based non-profit organization, has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged Americans for over a decade by providing crucial mobility solutions. Thousands of families have benefited from their efforts to offer reliable transportation options and car repair assistance, enabling individuals to access essential services such as employment, education, and healthcare.

Programs like the Car Repair Assistance Program (C.R.A.P.) showcase their commitment towards breaking the cycle of poverty by maintaining safe and dependable vehicles for low-income families. Supported by generous donations from individuals and corporations alike, Free Charity Cars continues to make a difference in transforming lives through improved transportation accessibility.

9. The Salvation Army


The Salvation Army, founded in 1865 in London, is a global charitable organization dedicated to addressing social needs by providing essential services such as food, shelter, and clothing. In Canada, one of their key programs focuses on car repair assistance for low-income individuals and families who rely on vehicles for daily transportation. Recognizing the financial burden of car repairs, The Salvation Army offers free services ranging from oil changes to more extensive mechanical work.

In addition to directly assisting those in need through their facilities across North America, The Salvation Army also accepts vehicle and auto component donations from community members. This automotive initiative is just one aspect of their mission to meet human needs without discrimination and promote hope and transformational change for all they serve.

10. The People of the United Methodist Church


The People of the United Methodist Church is a dedicated charity organization committed to supporting individuals and families facing financial hardship and limited access to transportation. Through their car repair assistance program, they work with local mechanics to offer discounted or complimentary car repairs for those in need, enabling recipients to maintain employment, attend educational opportunities, and access essential services.

By fostering strong community connections and relying on vehicle donations from generous members of the community, the organization refurbishes cars before giving them out to qualifying families. Upholding values of compassion, generosity, social justice, and cross-denominational collaboration, The People of the United Methodist Church endeavors to make a tangible difference for those affected by poverty while advocating for greater engagement across communities.

10 Charities that Help with Car Repairs & Expenses
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10 Charities that Help with Car Repairs & Expenses
Discover the top 10 charities that provide assistance with car repairs and expenses, helping individuals and families overcome transportation challenges.
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