10 Charities That Help With Legal Fees

In a world where law firm hourly rates can skyrocket and legal fees accumulate at a staggering rate, it’s crucial to know there are many charities out there that can help with these costs. This blog spotlights the sterling work done by numerous dedicated charities both nationally and within your local communities, providing legal aid services often free of charge.

Offering a lifeline to those who need legal assistance ranging from family law matters or immigration issues, all the way up to representation in court scenarios by pro bono attorneys.

The best Charities that help with legal fees are Legal Aid Foundation, Legal Aid Society, Inner City Law Center and National Immigration Law Center.

These nonprofits stand ready to help those struggling with hefty civil legal aid expenses or struggling under the weight of intimidating child support orders; offering advice that manifests itself right across the spectrum of any legal issue you may face.

We understand that having a lawyer on your side is not just about dragging someone along on what could be an arduous journey but ensuring they’re genuinely here for you – giving their time willingly without expecting anything in return – just like volunteer attorneys do in these charitable organizations.

Many readers might remain unaware of resources like Lawyer Referral Service provided by State Bar associations or justice commission-directed–legal clinics helping individuals address their challenging situations every day.

Key players also include The Inner City Law Center based out of Santa Ana which is doing tremendous work for the disadvantaged population using its team of expert advocates. Not forgetting also national initiatives managed by Justice Foundation and insightful guides readily available through Charity Navigator – an accessible guide to ensuring you receive benefits from reputable sources providing free legal services most effectively.

1. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a non-profit organization established in 1920, committed to defending and expanding the individual rights and civil liberties enshrined in the United States Constitution. Known for its unwavering dedication to fighting injustices for all Americans, the ACLU engages in legal action, advocacy initiatives, and public education campaigns to promote a just and inclusive society.

With a focus on fundamental rights such as free speech, privacy protection, racial equality, reproductive freedom, and LGBT+ rights; ACLU adopts an inclusive approach that recognizes the interconnected nature of these struggles for justice. The organization has represented citizens from diverse backgrounds in landmark Supreme Court cases that resulted in significant advancements of personal freedoms.

Through advocating policy reforms at both state and federal levels while maintaining strong local community presence via affiliate offices nationwide; ACLU addresses critical issues directly affecting people’s lives. With nearly a century-long history of upholding human dignity and collective progress irrespective of political ideology or demographic background – ACLUs steadfast commitment positions it as an indispensable guardian of democratic values within contemporary America.

2. The Legal Aid Society


The Legal Aid Society, founded in 1876, is a renowned nonprofit organization based in New York City that provides legal aid to vulnerable individuals and communities. With a deep-rooted belief in equal access to justice for all New Yorkers, the organization works relentlessly across all boroughs to advocate for clients and dismantle systemic barriers inhibiting their progress.

Embodying core values of accountability, trust, empathy, equality & equity, respect, and transparency; the dedicated staff at The Legal Aid Society remains committed to serving as an essential part of the city’s legal landscape. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit primarily funded by public grants and private donations, it holds the distinction of being both the oldest and largest provider of legal aid in the United States.

Offering representation in criminal and civil matters on individual cases as well as class action lawsuits; The Legal Aid Society has cemented its legacy as an unwavering defender of vulnerable New Yorkers’ rights while simultaneously generating positive change within families and communities.

3. Legal Aid Foundation


The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to providing free, high-quality legal services to over 100,000 individuals living in poverty across Greater Los Angeles each year. With a mission to achieve equal justice for these underserved communities, LAFLA offers direct representation, systems change, and community education through its team of skilled attorneys, paralegals and support staff.

LAFLA operates neighborhood offices, self-help centers at courthouses and domestic violence clinics in order to effectively serve vulnerable populations. Their legal priorities include supporting families, preserving affordable housing, maintaining economic stability, promoting safety and security, serving those with special vulnerabilities and protecting human and civil rights.

In addition to directly assisting clients, LAFLA provides referrals and educates the community about their legal rights through workshops and seminars. Established in 1929 by John Saeger Bradway who believed that equal protection under the law required accessible legal assistance for all citizens regardless of income level; LAFLA continues its valuable contribution to society as it celebrates more than 90 years of service.

4. Legal Aid At Work


The Community Legal Services Program, under LAAW (Legal Aid at Work), is dedicated to empowering and supporting low-income Californians through a range of services. These include free legal clinics, helplines, educational resources, and policy advocacy efforts focused on civil and workplace rights. With 13 Workers’ Rights Clinic sites across California, we provide direct assistance for individuals dealing with wage theft, discrimination, harassment and other employment-related concerns. Our goal is to not only help workers understand their rights but also achieve fair outcomes in their cases.

In addition to providing accessible legal support for low-wage workers and marginalized communities, the Workers’ Rights Clinic also invests in the future of law by mentoring approximately 100 law students each year from top schools across the state. Through our collective initiatives, LAAW strives to create systemic change that fosters greater equity and justice within the workplace for those who need it most.

5. Innocence Project


The Innocence Project, founded in 1992, is a dedicated non-profit organization focused on exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and advocating for criminal justice reforms. By addressing systemic issues, such as flawed eyewitness identification procedures, false confessions, inadequate defense representation and prosecutorial misconduct, the organization aims to restore faith in the fairness of judicial processes.

In collaboration with law schools, pro bono attorneys and investigative experts nationwide; the Innocence Project provides targeted assistance to inmates presenting plausible claims of factual innocence by scrutinizing case-related evidence. The organization also actively pursues legislative efforts aimed at reforming policies governing post-conviction relief procedures, forensic science standards oversight and compensations for exonerees.

Through public education campaigns highlighting stories of exoneration while debunking myths surrounding wrongful convictions; the Innocence Project raises awareness about this vital issue fostering greater accountability within existing criminal justice frameworks. Their work has led to overturned unjust sentences for hundreds of individuals along with policy changes across various jurisdictions designed to enhance accuracy and integrity within adjudication realms.

6. Bay Area Legal Aid


BayLegal is a charity organization committed to offering comprehensive legal assistance to low- and very low-income individuals in the Bay Area, ensuring access to civil justice irrespective of location, language, or disability. With over 1.2 million people living in poverty within this region, many of whom have full-time workers in their households, the cost of living and low-wage jobs continue to exacerbate financial challenges.

The charity serves clients from diverse backgrounds across seven counties – San Francisco, Livermore, Gilroy, Napa – including working poor families, seniors, veterans and those with disabilities. By providing quality legal support for pressing issues such as food security, shelter and protection from abuse or discrimination; BayLegal plays a crucial role in helping disadvantaged populations overcome barriers toward stability and self-sufficiency.

7. National Immigration Law Center


The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is a reputable organization founded in 1979 that focuses on protecting and advancing the rights of low-income immigrants in the United States. Believing in equal opportunities for everyone, NILC actively addresses immigration challenges through advocacy and promoting policies that contribute to the success of vulnerable immigrant communities.

In 2019, NILC adopted a strategic framework emphasizing litigation, policy advocacy, building an inclusive immigrant justice movement, forming alliances with other groups, and fostering narrative changes towards inclusivity. Their strategy includes promoting supportive policies for immigrants, empowering these communities, and cultivating cultural consensus.

Through efforts such as expanding legal protections and access to services for immigrant families, advocating for citizenship pathways, opposing harmful policies, and partnering with progressive movements; NILC aims to create long-lasting transformative change. Ultimately dedicated to establishing a more equitable society for all residents of the United States regardless of their background or status.

8. Americans for Immigrant Justice


Americans for Immigrant Justice (AI Justice) is a renowned non-profit law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of immigrants through direct representation, impact litigation, advocacy, and outreach. Established in 1996, AI Justice has served over 145,000 individuals from 160 countries and focuses on championing the rights of unaccompanied children, advocating for survivors of trafficking and domestic violence, observing immigration detention policies and practices, assisting immigrant groups with compelling claims to justice, and supporting families and long-time residents.

With no right to free legal representation in immigration proceedings, AI Justice provides essential support as it never charges its clients for services. Their Pro Bono Program connects volunteer attorneys with those in need with mentorship resources ensuring confidence during case navigation.

The Judge Rosemary Barkett Litigation Program works towards holding government officials accountable by challenging unjust immigration policies leading to systemic changes that impact immigrants across the United States positively. AI Justice strives tirelessly to ensure an equitable American society inclusive of immigrant experiences promoting due process rights throughout local,stateand national levels.

9. Pro Bono Institute


The Pro Bono Institute, established in 1996, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing research, consultation, analysis, publications, and training to the global legal community. Its primary mission is to develop innovative approaches and resources for delivering much-needed legal services to those in need. The institute collaborates with volunteer leaders and advisory groups to support pro bono efforts undertaken by major law firms, corporate legal departments, and public interest organizations worldwide.

Although the Pro Bono Institute does not provide direct legal representation or attorney referrals, it encourages individuals seeking assistance to contact local legal services programs or bar associations. Law firms consisting of 50 or more attorneys may join the Law Firm Pro Bono Project through an annual fee which grants them access to project-related services and resources.

The Pro Bono Institute offers publications and resources that can be ordered via their website with member law firms often benefiting from complimentary or discounted access. While some free materials are provided along with reduced rates at the Annual Conference for public interest organizations on occasion; typically fees apply for most products and training courses available from the organization.

In addition to its robust offerings mentioned earlier , The Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® administered by The institute helps monitor statistical trends related pro bono activity among participating large law firms whose performance data are confidentially reported , analyzed periodically  thereafter .

10. Inner City Law Center


Inner City Law Center (ICLC) is dedicated to fighting for housing and justice for low-income tenants, working-poor families, immigrants, people with disabilities or living with HIV/AIDS, and homeless veterans in Los Angeles. As the only legal services provider located in Skid Row, ICLC champions equitable housing policies while offering essential legal services to prevent and end homelessness. Through their comprehensive approach of direct client service and advocacy for innovative public policies, ICLC aims to ensure all residents have a safe, affordable place to call home.

With an extensive support system consisting of generous donors and volunteers including attorneys and students who contribute thousands of pro bono hours each year, Inner City Law Center provides free legal representation to those without other options. They also facilitate access to financial resources that help maintain long-term housing stability while advocating for systemic change that benefits homeless individuals as well as working-poor families.

Their holistic client-centered approach allows clients to actively participate in shaping their own case outcomes while building trust between clients and attorneys through sensitivity towards lived experiences. Serving some of the most vulnerable residents in Los Angeles – predominantly people living below the poverty line – ICLC remains committed to empowering individuals against great odds through resilience and perseverance.

10 Charities That Help With Legal Fees
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10 Charities That Help With Legal Fees
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