10 Women’s Charities Making a Difference

Women across the globe grapple with a variety of challenges such as domestic violence, homelessness, and inadequate access to healthcare services. Numerous charities have stepped up to offer support and empower these women despite these trying circumstances.

This article highlights ten exceptional womens charities that focus on critical aspects of women’s welfare—including domestic violence shelters, healthcare initiatives, and emergency housing for homeless individuals—ultimately making significant impacts in their lives. Let’s explore this inspiring selection of prominent organizations working tirelessly towards gender equality and uplifting countless lives through empowerment and solidarity.

Women for Women International


Women for Women International is a charity working at the critical intersection of women and conflict, providing skills, knowledge, and resources to create sustainable change for women affected by war across eight countries. Their Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Program enables women survivors of war to join small groups to learn vital social and economic skills necessary to rebuild their families and communities.

With over 500,000 women served since 1993, this organization invests in areas where inequality is highest. The charity utilizes an integrated approach that relies on data analysis as well as engaging with local teams and the voices of the affected women themselves. By investing in these resilient individuals and supporting their growth through complementary programs addressing societal norms which hold them back; Women for Women International envisions a world where every woman’s voice, role, and contribution are visible and valued.

This pivotal work creates lasting impact not only for the participating women but also ripples throughout entire communities fostering greater equality, peace, prosperity—the true power of women helping each other overcome adversity.

Global Fund For Women


Global Fund for Women is a leading organization that has supported gender justice issues for over 30 years. The charity envisions transforming power and privilege into equity and equality for all by investing in grassroots movements worldwide. Their mission involves funding bold, ambitious, and expansive movements to create lasting change in the areas of social, economic, and political rights.

The organization was founded in 1987 by Anne Firth Murray, Frances Kissling, Laura Lederer, and Nita Barrow. Over the years, they have funded various initiatives that contribute to ending civil wars, electing female presidents, and securing new protective laws for millions of people.

Their approach focuses on countries where civil societies are repressed or obstructed by governments. They provide flexible feminist funding based on trust in local partners driving solutions within their communities to ensure meaningful impact. With a diverse team dedicated to strengthening gender justice movements around the world through grantmaking advocacy expertise and digital storytelling among others tools; they strive towards redistributing access opportunities so every person can live equitably alongside one another regardless if gender identities/preferences existences dictating otherwise ultimately advocating shifting societal norms paradigms challenge constraining frameworks directly dedicate always possible unrestricted financial support groups moving forward-addressing intersectional barriers restricting marginalized individuals realizing their full potential reach out volunteers donors alike collectively actively find workable paths paving way long-term transformative societal impacts.

National Womens Law Center


The National Womens Law Center (NWLC) is a committed organization that has been fighting for gender justice for nearly 50 years. Their work encompasses various programs, including policy development, research, engaging in legal battles, advocating in states and influencing culture at large. NWLC has played an integral role in many legislative victories benefitting women and girls while ensuring elected officials are accountable.

Some significant initiatives include authoring legislation on equal pay and workplace protections, supporting abortion rights and promoting the nominations of federal judges. Through their groundbreaking research, NWLC aims to tell the story of women’s lived experiences using data analysis to influence policy changes. They also actively engage in courtrooms by litigating cases focused on sex discrimination as well as filing amicus briefs.

At the state level, NWLC provides resources and expertise to advance gender justice across the country. Additionally, they collaborate with influencers from different industries to address cultural barriers in achieving gender equality.

Since its inception in 1972 through countless accomplishments and success stories attested by testimonials from everyday Americans as well as public figures – The National Womens Law Center consistently emerges at the forefront of essential legal milestones shaping our society justly for women globally today!

Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a trusted health care provider and advocate dedicated to providing vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions worldwide. Through their national network of over 600 health centers, they offer various services such as birth control, STI testing and treatment, cervical cancer screenings among other preventive care measures.

As a leader in sexual education, Planned Parenthood works alongside local organizations in classrooms, communities and online to deliver medically accurate programs and resources that foster well-informed decisions regarding sexuality and relationships. Additionally, the charity’s advocacy section – the Planned Parenthood Action Fund focuses on promoting policies that protect access to reproductive rights and comprehensive healthcare.

The global arm of Planned Parenthood partners with more than 100 local organizations in Africa and Latin America for sustainable development of health-education programs while also advocating for legal improvements in these regions. Being a founding member of International Planned Parenthood Federation adds further weightage to their dedication toward advancing global health.

Fistula Foundation


Fistula Foundation is a leading global charity dedicated to providing treatment for women suffering from devastating childbirth injuries, such as obstetric fistulas and severe perineal tears. Focusing primarily on sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where the need is greatest, the foundation partners with carefully selected doctors and hospitals trusted by their communities.

Since 2009, Fistula Foundation has delivered life-transforming surgeries at over 150 sites in 33 countries across Africa and Asia. The organization’s rigorous vetting process ensures high-quality repair surgery in areas with the greatest need for treatment. In addition, they launched the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund in April 2020 to support partner hospitals during these challenging times.

The foundation concentrates on delivering fistula repair surgery due to its significant impact on women’s lives; each restored woman has profound ripple effects on her family and community. By focusing solely on activities that directly enable treatments for these debilitating injuries, Fistula Foundation can effectively track results while maintaining low administrative costs.

No woman should endure a life of misery simply by trying to bring a child into this world; thus, Fistula Foundation aims at removing all barriers so every woman can access quality care regardless of her location.

Harvest Home


Harvest Home is a women’s charity organization dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless women who are pregnant and their children. With alarming statistics revealing that thousands of pregnant women in LA County lack housing and supportive programming, Harvest Home offers residential programs along with specialized interventions designed to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Their programs include Venice Home for short-term support; Pico Home, a transitional program for long-term stability; and an Alumnae Program providing ongoing case management and resources such as diapers. Harvest Home’s main focus areas encompass care for the child, financial independence, emotional/mental health care, physical health services, and spiritual growth.

Services offered range from therapy sessions to educational classes on various topics central to improving lives. Additionally, Harvest Home connects with community-based organizations offering referrals and partners with local businesses.

Overall, this charity provides a safe haven equipped with comprehensive support systems tailored towards helping homeless pregnant women lead healthier lifestyles in preparation for motherhood while achieving their goals of independence and stability.



RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the nation, dedicated to assisting survivors and preventing sexual violence through various programs. The organization operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline in partnership with over 1,000 local service providers and runs the DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defense.

With a team of experts in victim services, public education, public policy, consulting services and technology, RAINN provides comprehensive support to survivors at all stages of recovery. This includes offering confidential hotline services accessible 24/7 by phone or online as well as innovative solutions for partners such as universities and government agencies.

Moreover, RAINN’s communications experts work closely with media outlets and universities across America to promote accurate information about sexual violence prevention efforts. Meanwhile, their policy team advocates at both federal and state levels to improve criminal justice system responses towards sexual assault cases. Lastly, RAINN offers specialized consulting services for organizations seeking tailored sexual violence education initiatives or response programs.

With numerous corporate sponsorships from corporations and media networks supporting their cause every year RAINN continues focusing on its mission providing extensive help towards millions of Americans affected by this critical issue.

Girls Inc


Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1864, focusing on the development and empowerment of young women between the ages of 5-18. With over 1,500 sites in 350 cities across the United States and Canada, Girls Inc. delivers evidence-based programming through trained professionals in a pro-girl environment.

The organization emphasizes three critical elements for successful outcomes: people (trained staff and volunteers), environment (girls-only safe spaces), and evidence-based programming (hands-on, age-appropriate activities). Girls Inc.’s various programs cover areas such as healthy living, academic enrichment and support, life skills instruction, and policy advocacy.

Through these comprehensive programs, participants learn to value themselves, develop physical and emotional well-being, improve outlook on education, build confidence and resilience while aiming for financial independence to lead fulfilling lives. Additionally, Informed by girls’ experiences and their families’ input; they tackle systemic barriers that affect their growth conditions while advocating policies addressing health issues or sexual violence affecting them among others things while working with local stakeholders.



The World YWCA is a global grassroots-driven movement dedicated to empowering women, young women, and girls from various cultures and beliefs. Established in 1855, the organization has actively advanced women’s rights throughout history. With a presence in over 100 countries, World YWCA’s work focuses on building an intergenerational network of female leaders through community-centered programs.

Their key priorities include investing in young women’s leadership; connecting and mobilizing local community leaders; amplifying young women’s voices; creating safe spaces for growth; ensuring community-centric efforts; fostering collaboration within the YWCAs worldwide, and advocating for gender-responsive policies that strengthen women’s rights as human rights. Through these initiatives, they continue their mission to transform lives while striving towards their bold Goal 2035 vision for a more inclusive world where #YoungWomenLead.

PartnerShip Against Domestic Violence


Established in 1975, Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) is the first and largest domestic violence organization in Georgia. Their mission focuses on ending domestic violence and supporting its survivors across Atlanta, Gwinnett County, and Fulton County. PADV strives to educate the public about the dynamics of abuse while promoting healthy relationships among adolescents and young adults.

The charity offers comprehensive services such as a 24-hour Crisis Line, emergency shelters with approximately 100 beds, legal advocacy programs, supportive housing projects, dating violence prevention initiatives for juveniles in addition to community support groups. Furthermore, PADV provides workshops aimed at educating communities about domestic abuse prevention.

Each year PADV serves over 10 thousand clients with their various programs including temporary protection orders (TPO) assistance through their Legal Advocacy Team which supports those experiencing harassment or intimidation from their abuser even after leaving an abusive relationship. For those seeking emergency shelter due to domestic violence situations that cater not only for women but also single fathers or men impacted by abuse as well. The shelter stay duration varies based on individual needs but typically ranges up to 90 days providing personalized support from empowerment advocates who assist them throughout this process.

10 Women's Charities Making a Difference
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10 Women's Charities Making a Difference
Discover 10 women's charities that are making a real difference in the world. Learn how you can support their important missions today.
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