Top 9 Charities That Help With Appliances

In various communities across the United States, numerous charities have stepped up to assist low-income families facing financial hardships. Among these altruistic organizations are ten remarkable charities that help with appliances. Drawing on an array of donated items such as kitchen appliances, household goods and even furniture, they provide essential assistance to those in need.

The best Charities that help with appliances are Donation Town, Furniture Bank Network, Goodwill Industries and Freecycle Network.

Donation Town and  showcase their commitment by offering free pickup services for large items like old appliances in good working condition or even broken ones. Each unique item is a valuable resource that passes through the hands of Goodwill Industries or thrift stores, giving them a second life while providing free stuff for struggling households.

Whether it’s Catholic Charities aiding with small appliance donations or Furniture Bank Network welcoming unwanted appliances within North America, all play significant roles in lending much-needed support. Similarly, organizations like Family Fund also chip in through grants and temporary financial assistance programs revolving around appliance donations.

Join us as we delve into how these magnificent charitable corporations from Donation Pickup to American Council make substantial impacts using nothing more than your donated appliance.

Donation Town


Donation Town serves as an invaluable platform for donating household goods, especially appliances, to charities across the country. Founded in 2008, this free service is committed to enabling donors and charities to connect seamlessly.

The organization offers two core programs. The first program allows charities to pick up donations such as clothing and functioning appliances directly from donor residences eliminating the need for transportation arrangements by donors. The second program is aimed towards appliance distribution where donated appliances are either sold supporting charity fundings or directly given away to individuals or families in need.

Moreover, Donation Town recognises its dedicated volunteers who hail from various professional backgrounds. Their varied talents have made it a leading resource for persons interested in charitable giving of non-cash items.

This unique service has not only simplified donating but also has had a positive environmental impact by diverting useful items away from landfills into homes where they continue being functional.

Incase you have a specific requirement for medical equiqments instead of general appliances, then refer to this list of charities that help with medical equipment.

Furniture Bank Network


The Furniture Bank Network is a collaborative charity initiative uniting furniture banks from across North America. Their commitment is towards combating furniture poverty by facilitating the exchange of gently used appliances and household items, sending them to individuals and families who can’t afford them.

These organizations operate in various ways but share a common motive – diverting unwanted pieces away from landfills and into homes. Applying environmental awareness with social responsibility, they champion dignity through choice for those living under ‘furniture poverty’, experiencing hardship due to lack of essential furnishings.

Goodwill Industries


Goodwill Industries is an established non-profit organization that assists individuals in enhancing their career prospects and quality of life. Through various innovative programs designed at a community level, Goodwill focuses on eliminating barriers to opportunity by encouraging learning and meaningful work.

One of their key services includes the collection, repair, and redistribution of used old appliances and household appliances. This unique model not only promotes sustainability but also provides job training opportunities for those with limited work history or disabilities. These items are sold or given to those who repaired them, fostering a self-sustaining cycle.

Furthermore, select branches across the network also offer large item collection services from private homes catering to people’s specific needs. The revenue generated from selling donated household items online and in 3,200+ Goodwill stores go into funding these noble causes endorsed by this charity.

Salvation Army


The Salvation Army runs an admirable initiative known as SATruck. This program focuses primarily on accepting donations of furniture and operational appliances, which are then redistributed to those in need or sold at their thrift stores. The generated funds from these sales contribute directly toward financing their Adult Rehabilitation Centers, significantly impacting individuals grappling with drug and alcohol difficulties.

Through the convenient home pickup service offered via SATruck, they ensure the donation process is seamless for donors. Interested donators merely have to schedule a pick-up appointment online or by phone, after which the organization collects items right from their doorstep.

This remarkable initiative adds tremendous value to society by efficiently utilizing unwanted appliances and furniture for a good cause while simultaneously facilitating eco-friendly practices through recycling and reuse.

The Big Blue Truck


The Big Blue Truck” is a charity organization supporting sustainability, recycling, and reuse to create a better world. Launched in 1967, this initiative has pioneered the social enterprise model using businesses to secure social good. They collect clothes, old appliance, household appliance, shoes and textiles through The Big Blue Trucks, Blue Bins and at Value Village partner stores.

Their key focus lies in helping Northwest Center’s education and employment programs for disabled children and adults by selling collected donations to their partner Value Village which resells these goods in their thrift stores. In addition, they accept small appliances that are reusable or re-sellable including coffee pots, blenders and kitchen utensils among others.

The organization also offers tax benefits as being registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit; thus all donors can receive tax deductions on their contributions of donating appliances.

Crisis Assistance Ministry


Crisis Assistance Ministry is a charity organization founded in 1975, dedicated to providing assistance and advocacy for individuals facing financial crises and helps them strive towards self-sufficiency. Their vision is to inspire justice and generosity within their community as they provide help, hope, and understanding to those with limited financial resources.

Crisis Assistance Ministry began by offering emergency financial assistance for preventing homelessness and utility disconnection in Mecklenburg County. Over time, the Basic Needs Program was created which included the Free Store; consolidating clothing closets distribution of furniture through Furniture Bank; providing essential items to people leaving homeless shelters; and the Economic Mobility Program which supports long-term coaching models for customers.

Freecycle Network


The Freecycle Network (TFN) is a private, nonprofit organization registered in the United States and United Kingdom. Established to promote a gift economy, it operates as a worldwide online registry for offering or requesting reusable items for free. With over 4,000 local chapters across 110 countries and millions of members, TFN aims to divert goods from landfills by providing an active platform for individuals and nonprofits to exchange items without monetary transactions.

Habitat For Humanity ReStores


Habitat For Humanity operate Habitat ReStores, independently owned reuse stores that accept donations of high-quality merchandise and sell these at reduced prices to the general public. Profits from these sales help build new houses for those in need both locally and internationally making it beneficial deal not just for themselves but also for surrounding communities.

American Council of the Blind


The American Council of the Blind (ACB) operates thrift stores that accept a range of donations, including appliances. Serving Amarillo and Lubbock in Texas, these stores also offer pick-up services for donated items. Centrally focused on providing community assistance, ACB recycles gently used items, creates job opportunities and capitalizes all its profits to reinforce varied ACB programs aiding the blind or visually impaired.

Top 9 Charities That Help With Appliances
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Top 9 Charities That Help With Appliances
Discover the top 9 charities dedicated to helping individuals and families in need with their appliance needs.
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