10 Charities That Help With Medical Travel Expenses

Here is our comprehensive article highlighting 10 incredible charities that help with medical travel expenses! Medical treatments can be a significant burden on families and individuals, especially when they require patients to seek specialized care outside of their local communities.

It is not uncommon for these costs to become astronomical, taking into account not just the medical procedures themselves but also essential elements like transportation, accommodation, food, and support during this challenging time.Thankfully, countless empathetic organizations are dedicated to assisting people in overcoming these financial hurdles while accessing crucial healthcare services.

The best Charities that help with medical travel expenses are American Cancer Society, Healthcare Hospitality Network, The Air Care Alliance (ACA) and Luke’s Wings.

American Cancer Society


The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a leading organization committed to fighting cancer and improving the lives of those affected by it. Their mission revolves around research, advocacy, and patient support with a vision of ending cancer for everyone. Guided by core values such as integrity, compassion, courage, determination, and diversity, the ACS works relentlessly towards achieving its goals.

Although well-known for their research initiatives, the ACS also provides various forms of assistance to patients and families in need. One example is their transportation assistance programs that help connect patients with suitable options for reaching their treatment centers. This ensures that transportation does not become an obstacle to receiving vital care.

In addition to transportation resources like Rides Save Lives and Road To Recovery®, the American Cancer Society offers several programs that can assist with medical expenses related to cancer treatment. They partner up with organizations such as Hope Lodge® program and Healthcare Hospitality Network to provide short-term housing near treatment centers; Meals on Wheels service delivers ready-to-eat meals at home; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps cover food costs;while other services address dental care costs or Internet access.

Through these comprehensive efforts aimed at supporting both prevention efforts as well as providing necessary resources during treatment periods ,the American Cancer Society remains a steadfast source of support amidst challenging times experienced by countless individuals facing this difficult journey .

Healthcare Hospitality Network


Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. (HHN) is a distinguished professional member association focused on supporting homes that offer assistance to patients and their families throughout the United States. With a network of over 100 member houses, HHN provides lodging and support services for individuals receiving medical treatment away from home.

Established in the 1980s, this organization plays a crucial role as the sole membership association in North America devoted to providing training, networking opportunities, and advocacy catering specifically to healthcare hospitality houses. These facilities offer considerably reduced cost accommodation for patients and caregivers dealing with life-saving medical care far from their home communities.

Healthcare Hospitality Houses create comfortable environments designed exclusively for those experiencing healthcare-related stress by offering communal spaces promoting support among guests facing similar difficulties. This sense of community helps reduce financial strain associated with medical situations while also alleviating stress for both patients and family members.

Angel Flight


Angel Flight Oklahoma is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to arranging free air transportation for individuals with legitimate, medically related needs. Serving primarily the heartland region of the United States, including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas, its compassionate pilots and volunteers cater to patients requiring critical treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy.

As members of the Air Care Alliance – a conglomerate of US organizations offering similar services – Angel Flight can arrange transport nationwide for those in need. In addition to assisting patients financially distressed due to their medical condition or facing time-sensitive circumstances.

They have also flown emergency blood products on behalf of organizations like the Oklahoma Blood Institute and Red Cross Operating without government financial assistance and never charging patients or healthcare providers any fees.

Mercy Medical Angels


Mercy Medical Angels is a renowned medical charity that has been providing free transportation to patients and caregivers since 1972. This exceptional organization has become the world’s largest charitable medical transportation system, offering over 35,000 patient trips in the last year alone.

Their efforts focus on eliminating barriers to healthcare by providing various transportation options such as gas cards, bus tickets, train tickets, and air travel through volunteer pilots and commercial airlines. Thanks to their affiliated programs like Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic and Angel Wings for Veterans, they are able to serve both general patients and veterans who need access to specialized healthcare services or resources.

The impact of Mercy Medical Angels’ programs extends far beyond numbers; they transform lives by ensuring no one is denied crucial medical care due to lack of transport. Their tireless dedication towards maintaining high standards in operational integrity, efficiency, safety, transparency, and accountability have earned them top ratings from Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

Ultimately committed to restoring hope for those in need of transport assistance while receiving medical treatment or acquiring service dogs for mental health conditions – Mercy Medical Angels remains dedicated towards improving people’s lives through free charitable transportation services.

Miracle Flights


Miracle Flights is a charity organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for patients requiring travel to access specialized medical treatment. Many of these patients suffer from rare conditions, with only a few experts across the country capable of addressing their needs. Unfortunately, while insurance may cover treatment costs, it often does not cover travel expenses.

To bridge this gap, Miracle Flights offers free commercial plane tickets to U.S.-based treatment facilities for families in need. Through the generosity of donors, they can fly patients as many times as necessary – some have benefited from this service for over 18 years.

The program caters to individuals of all ages and supports treatments for various diseases and medical conditions. Recognizing the importance of familial support during difficult times, Miracle Flights also covers travel costs for both parents or legal guardians accompanying minors under 18 years old and caregivers or companions traveling with adult patients.

By alleviating the financial burden associated with medical travel expenses, Miracle Flights enables families in need to focus solely on attaining proper care and healing together.

The Air Care Alliance (ACA)


The Air Care Alliance (ACA) is a reputable 501(c)(3) nonprofit public service organization dedicated to the world of charitable aviation. With a nationwide network of volunteer pilot groups, ACA has been providing impactful and inspiring services for over three decades since its inception in 1990. The organization aims to encourage volunteerism among pilots while ensuring access to free air transportation for patients and individuals in dire need.

ACA’s mission involves promoting, supporting, and representing public benefit flying through effective communication and cooperation amongst organizations that facilitate flights driven by health, compassion, and community service. Their vision focuses on maximizing charitable aviation through pilots and organizations committed to serving humanity.

Luke’s Wings


Luke’s Wings, founded in 2008, is a medical charity organization committed to providing emergency travel planning services and airplane tickets for families and loved ones of wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and fallen officers during hospital recovery and rehabilitation. The organization recognizes the significant impact the presence of loved ones has on the recovery process.

Over time, Luke’s Wings has evolved to meet the growing needs of its beneficiary community by creating various programs tailored to specific situations. These programs include: Wounded Warrior Transportation Assistance Program (W.W.T.A.P.), Major Illnesses Transportation Assistance Program (M.I.T.A.P.), Veterans in Hospice Care Transportation Assistance Program (H.T.A.P), Special Operations Transportation Assistance Program (S.O.T.A.P.), and Fallen Officer’s Transportation Assistance Program (F.O.T.A.P.).

To date, Luke’s Wings has provided over 14,000 airline tickets for hero families across the country at an average cost of $350 per flight. The dedicated team behind this charity ensures that wounded or ill individuals receive not only exceptional medical care but also vital emotional support from their families throughout their recovery journey.

Children’s Flight of Hope


Children’s Flight of Hope (CFOH) is a dedicated medical charity that provides flights to specialized medical care for children in need, offering support and financial relief to families. Committed to helping throughout the duration of a child’s treatment, CFOH operates with core values of compassion, responsiveness, safety, and gratitude.

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1991 by Al Wethington, CFOH has grown over the years with partnerships established with American Airlines in 2016 and Southwest Airlines in 2018. These vital partnerships help purchase hundreds of commercial plane tickets each year.

Due to their collaboration with American Airlines, CFOH administers their “Miles for Global Health and Well-Being” international program that provides flights for international children needing critical care at charitable medical institutions. Additionally, CFOH works alongside Southwest Airlines to further expand their travel resources.

Overall, Children’s Flight of Hope stands firm on its mission – providing hope through safe and affordable access to specialized medical care while easing emotional burdens for these young patients’ families.

Patient AirLift Services


Patient AirLift Services (PALS) is a nonprofit organization committed to arranging free flights for medical patients who require treatments or follow-up care but cannot afford or access commercial flights. Their volunteer pilots bear all flight costs, ensuring that patients and their families can focus on medical care and treatment.

In addition to providing transport for individuals receiving diagnosis or treatment, PALS also offers compassion flights for family members of patients, as well as support for military personnel and their families in the recovery process. They have been involved in humanitarian efforts during natural or man-made disasters too.

With a range of general aviation aircraft at their disposal, PALS caters to both major international airports and smaller regional ones. Patients need not worry about air transportation costs; however, they are responsible for local ground transportation unless otherwise specified by PALS.

To qualify for PALS air transportation services, individuals must be receiving care for acute or chronic healthcare conditions while facing financial difficulties due to high treatment costs. Compassion flights are accepted on a case-by-case basis with passengers demonstrating financial need.

Those requiring assistance from PALS can request flights through their website by providing relevant information about the patient’s details, appointments, doctor’s contact information and emergency contacts.

Air Charity Network


Air Charity Network is a non-profit organization that offers free air transportation to individuals in need of specialized healthcare facilities or remote locations due to family, community, or national crisis. Serving all 50 US states, volunteer pilots provide these services using their own aircraft and covering all costs. The network consists of member organizations specific for different geographical areas.

The Air Charity Network assists organ transplant patients, those requiring clinical trials or chemotherapy treatments, victims of abuse seeking relocation, and supports other charities such as Ronald McDonald Houses and Shriners Hospitals. Additionally, they transport disabled or sick children to special summer camp programs.

Mercy Medical Angels further assists with coordinating free airline tickets for flights over 600 miles and negotiates low-cost air ambulance services for those who require this particular service. The organization operates under strict passenger qualifications to ensure their resources meet the needs of financially distressed individuals truly unable to utilize public transportation options.

10 Charities That Help With Medical Travel Expenses
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10 Charities That Help With Medical Travel Expenses
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