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Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

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New York


Bronx County Among Least Prepared to Deal with Climate Change


A new study from FEMA listed Bronx County as one of the 30 least climate change-resilient counties in the nation. Citylab reported that this study took many county statistics into account–such as wealth, unemployment rates, disabled residents–with wealth being the factor most associated with high resiliency.

Wealth, though, was not all that mattered. The same FEMA study put New York County near the bottom 30 as well, due to lack of “vehicle- and home-ownership.” Most counties least prepared to deal with the effects of climate change came from southern states.

One major issue found by a Bronx-based group was that designated cooling centers in the Bronx either weren’t listed online until the day of a heat spike, or didn’t even know they were listed as a cooling center.

A different study conducted by Clever put New York City somewhere in the middle of their climate risk index.

Read the full August 19, 2019 story by Brentin Mock at CITYLAB…

thisistheBronx news summary by: Adam McPartlan

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1 thought on “Bronx County Among Least Prepared to Deal with Climate Change”

  1. Well vote for city council members who care about you the voter instead of the money they get to ignore problems like this. Where’ Serrano on this, he’s been in congress how long? 30+ years? What has he done for you! Scream to the Mayor and picket City Hall. Hold your representatives in city, state and federal offices feet to the fire before you vote for them. Change your name to Brooklyn then maybe they’ll all do more. Seems Brooklyn gets all the good stuff and the Bronx gets what’s left over.

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