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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

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New York


Inside the South Bronx Development Surge

The Bronx south of 149th Street (Google Earth Pro)

The New York Post provides analysis of the south Bronx development boom and investment companies like Brookfield Properties, who purchased the high profile plot at the base of Third and Lincoln Avenues that will include 1,300 apartments and retail and waterfront space.

The paper says that other companies like Madison Realty Capital and Maddd Equities are slowly changing the Bronx because it has become attractive to those sick of the high rents in Manhattan and other boroughs. It also reviews the next steps for Somerset Properties that sold that south Bronx property to Brookfield and is now involved in retail ownership and a new brokerage venture.

Read the full October 15, 2018 report by Lois Weiss in NEW YORK POST…

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