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Monday, March 18th, 2019

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New York


Was the North Bronx Gang Takedown in Vain?

In April, 2016 authorities busted 120 gang members at Eastchester Gardens (photo: Ben Kichman / Bronx Times)

On April 27, 2016 120 gang members from warring north Bronx gangs Big Money Bosses and 2FLY YGz were arrested in the largest collar in the city’s history. Law enforcement proclaimed that it was an outstanding triumph because it removed terror, violence, and drug commerce off the streets.

But there are two connecting stories about New York’s biggest-ever arrest that examine the overriding question of whether the bust was effective in keeping the peace in the long term.

And with the murder of a Bronx teen several weeks ago, allegedly by gang members, the issue of gangs in the Bronx continues to rage.

New York Magazine took a thorough look at the 2016 bust and the Eastchester Garden nabe where it took place and provides analysis and history on the gang culture in the area. It’s rare insight into a world few get to see.

Read the full August 9, 2018 article by Mirela Iverac in NYMAG.COM…

The second article deals with the backlash and the stats which suggest that the takedown might have not been effective or made much of a difference in the Bronx. They point to last month’s crime numbers that show that murders in the Bronx have duplicated this year.

Mirela Iveric, who wrote the NYMAG article cited above, also produced a series for WNYC about the historic gang bust called “Takedown in the Bronx”

Read the full August 9, 2018 article by Andres O’Hara in GOTHAMIST.COM…

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1 thought on “Was the North Bronx Gang Takedown in Vain?”

  1. Oh my good God… thankfully they were taken down.. so for all of those who think law enforcement (including ICE) are not needed, think again! This is a nice area and I am sure no one would ever think that gang members were walking among them… Amen, now they just need to be locked up for life!

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